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For a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching, sit down with an expert in nutrition and behavior change to end the cycle of second guessing and find out what you need to reach your goals.

Learn to create realistic and attainable goals and address mindset barriers that are holding you back without paying for full time coaching.

Leave the session with a PLAN that you can implement immediately. 


  • Comprehensive assessment covering...

    • Health and Nutrition Goals​

    • Current Lifestyle

    • Mindset towards health and nutrition

  • A detailed health and nutrition plan with...​

    • Your personal nutrition blueprint​

    • Attainable, motivating, and values-based goals

    • Habit/lifestyle tracker moving you towards the 2.0 version of you

    • Weekly reflection prompts to review your data and determine next steps

  • Nutrition Resources answering YOUR questions on...​

    • What's a macronutrient?​

    • How do I measure my portions?

    • How do I meal prep?

    • What foods will help me reach my goals?

    • What are some easy recipes I can make that actually taste good? 



  • Initial 30 minute call to review your intake form, set goals, and create your plan​

  • Follow-up feedback from Laura in 2 weeks via email

  • Opportunity to ask any follow-up questions

  • One month after the initial call, there will be a check in to see how you're doing and to problem solve.

  • All for a one-time payment of $179​​

Before working with Laura, I struggled to create workout or nutrition goals that felt achievable and I definitely struggled to stick with goals that I set. Now, I feel much more optimistic and excited about exercise and nutrition, which I didn't expect! I can more confidently make/choose a balanced meal without feeling pressure or like I'm compromising. The people close to me would say I'm way more more dedicated to my health goals and much more excited about them now.

Robb Walters

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