Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Moves for Your Outer Thighs (aka "ham hocks")

Monday! Hey YAAAA!

Gotta love this song on a Monday! Andre 3000 is my style icon!

Did your weekend ROCK your face? :)

As I mentioned on Saturday, Wes and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I got him tickets to The Oddball Comedy Festival and he got me a dinner at Station Two Twenty.

I arrived to Stargazer Lilies (my favorite) and Rose bubbly at dinner! Wes did good on the surprises this year!

Dinner was AHH-Mazing! Everything was locally sourced, fresh and beautifully presented! I cannot recommend this restaurant enough! The wait staff were all personable, friendly and prompt!

The "Gangnam Style" Roll--a vegetarian sushi roll
My vegetarian goat cheese wild mushroom pasta. All local veggies.
Wes' Flank Steak

For our wedding last year, we only received two sets of china, so this year, my family got me four more. I loved this china so much that I ate my lunch of Lean Cuisine on it!
Fine Dining with Chef Lean Cuisine!

Overall, a really nice weekend.

Today though, by request, I bring you some of my favorite moves for your outer thighs--an area I lovingly refer to as the "ham hocks" :)

Miss Piggy and Miss B have a  lot in common :)

You will need a resistance band for two of these exercises. If you do not have one--invest! Best piece of at-home gym equipment you can own! Spri is a great brand and you can find them on Amazon for $16-20. Here is the one I'm using in the pics below. Braided resistance bands or plain will work fine.

I always preface these special posts like this: You can only "work" or tone an area so much. Your body has a natural layer of fat on top of the muscle you are attempting to sculpt. The amount of body fat you have is determined by your health, but is also predetermined by genetics. Some people (such as moi!) are genetically predisposed to have a higher percentage of body fat in certain areas.

You might not SEE visible results in this area until this body fat layer is whittled down by cardio and/or nutritional changes. Keep your expectations realistic. You must trust that you are toning and view your results and hard work as the strength and firmness that you are developing in the area---NOT as how big or small the arm/leg/abs/shoulders/etc. are physically.

Move #1: Side Lifts
Standing on one end of the band by the handle, cradle the other foot in the band. Take the other handle across the body. Keep the knee of the supporting leg slightly bent. Lift the leg cradled in the band straight up and down. Do about 25 reps and switch sides.

Move #2: Duck Walks
Loop the band ON TOP and then UNDERNEATH the shoes. Make sure that it is secure in the arch of your foot. Cross the handles. Take two steps to the left and two steps to the right. Do about 50 steps both ways, keeping knees soft as you step out. They are called duck walks because you will be waddling afterwards! :)

Move #3: Alphabet lifts
Lying on one side with lips stacked, place one hand in front of you to keep the body stable. Keeping your abs tucked in, raise your leg up in the air. Begin to trace capital letters in the air-- A, B, C, D, etc...going through the whole alphabet. Then switch sides.

Move #4: Plie-Kicks
Starting with legs wide and toes comfortably turned out, bend the knees into a plie squat. Then, pick up one leg and step out into a push kick, kicking to the side. Do about 15 per side. These are also good for the inner thighs and obliques (abs).

Move #5: Curtsy Lunges
In a "curtsy" position with one leg, slightly behind the front leg, make sure that your front toe and knee are pointing directly forward. Bend at the knees into a lunge. Lunging straight up and down, do about 25 on one leg and switch sides.

With two "superstar" pupperonis in the house, it's sometimes hard to take pics for this blog. Beaufort and Daisy want in on all of the pics. Here's some outtakes:
Beaufort would NOT get out of the picture until we bribed him with a  little bit of sandwich meat! Daisy was just generally loitering in the pics.

Question: Which area of the body are you most proud of and which area of the body do you work the most?

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