Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in Ewing, Nebraska!

If drinking and driving was legal, the Nebraska drinking and driving game would go like this:

Take a shot if you see...


A tractor

Pro-life or Pro-gun sign

You'd be drunk after 30 miles! I kid, but Nebraska is very beautiful in it's own midwestern way. And the people are extremely kind.

Here's some highlights from our trip to Ewing (pronounced you-wing) for the 4th of July!

Pam got me some 90s tunes for the trip. Too bad, that some where one-hit wonders that I never heard of :*( THIS JAM was kickin' kickin' though...slide, slide, slipity slide.

Beaufort claimed a seat ON Pam.

We had a little malfunction. Wes hit a tire and it ripped my front bumper open. We gave it a colorful bandage to hold the bumper up. It looks like a true road warrior now!

Sun beams.

The clouds were doing some amazing things at sunset.

We were driving between a sunset and a rainstorm. It made the most beautiful and ominous pinks. This photo doesn't do it justice.


The lake we went fishing on. Complete with outhouse/port-a-potty :)

Beaufort's first time on a boat. He isn't so sure of this.

Me and my friendy, Pam.

This is the face of a happy boating pup!

I caught a fish and proceeded to freak out. What in the heck do I do with this thing!?!? I can't stand the thought of dying animals (part of the reason I am a vegetarian), so I didn't know what to do with it!

Wes won the fish-catching contest. He caught six!

Watching fireworks from Pam's dad's house.

Caught one through the trees.

Another tree-thru pic.
We ate at this preposterously adorable restaurant, Green Gables. It's a little gem in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. I want to live in this restaurant. That's how cute it is.

When you walk in the restaurant they have a map where you leave a flag where you are from. Wes is trying to locate us.

Cuteness overload #1: Mini dollhouse of the restaurant as you walk in.

Cuteness overload #2: a boutique with vintage wares and knick-knacks. Can my kitchen please look like this?

Cuteness overload #3: Homemade pie and vintage dishes. So twee that I can't handle it!

It was a tough decision, but I settled for Peanut Butter Pie. This one is a diet-buster for sure, but whatevs...it was worth it!

After lunch, we went to the Ashfall Fossil Beds, aka, the most depressing state park ever. Essentially, a giant volcano in Idaho erupted millions of year ago and suffocated all wildlife within thousands of miles. So the animals died a slow, suffocating death. This is no Disney world that's for sure. The only thing that kept me going were these awesome signs. DIRE WOLVES?! Game of Thones, anyone?

Ancient rhino and horse bones.

We hiked down a trail to see the open prairie.

That night, we went to the drive-in. My first time at a drive in ever! We saw Despicable Me 2. Loved the whole deal. Drive-ins are magical.

TANKING TIME! I told you guys about tanking last post, but here's some more evidence. You float down the river. You drink and swim and play games. That's it!

This guy had the right idea--he brought his pooch.

Rollin on the river.

Lovely views.

That's all, ladies and gents! Love, Mannequin Laura.

Overall, the trip was too much good company, fun, sun and booze. I also never want to see another potato chip in my life. With two weeks to go till the Spartan Race, it's hardcore clean eating and training time! Stay tuned!

Question of the day: Have you ever heard of tanking? I've been tubing and rafting before, but I didn't know about tanking until Pam told me about it! How was your fourth?

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