Friday, June 7, 2013

Mindful Color, Mindful Eating

Just in time for summer, I added some COLOR to my hair--INDIGO!

I don't usually get to experiment with color during the school year (in the name of "professionalism" and all that jazz), so I wanted to add somethin' somethin' to perk up my summer. It was supposed to be lavender, but happy accidents make happy results (so says the legendary Bob Ross). I love it! Subtle and it pops in the sun.

Speaking of summer color, my Mom sent me this GORGEOUSLY SUNNY "feel better soon" bouquet from Casey's Garden Shop and Florist. I can't get enough of that orange. It's my favorite color right now. Also, for the record, I have the best-est mom.

Makes my shoulder feel better already.

Now that I've been blogging again, I've been super mindful of what I'm eating. Maybe because I'm conscious that it will end up here on the interwebs? By mindful, I DON'T mean "eating super clean 24/7 salads all the way no dessert or chips ever diet till you drop!" I mean, I'm putting exactly what I want into my body and being mindful of nutrients, freshness, color, and portion.

The movement for mindful eating is all about appreciating your food choices. I just think, if I wouldn't be proud to post this food choice on the internet, I probably should think twice before stuffing face. Mindful eating is about savoring your food and enjoying the experience of eating.

Rather than feeling guilty about the pizza rolls/donut/fried cheese (or in my case, a small oreo/cookie dough blizzard)--you should eat in moderation and savor it. Eat slower, concentrate on the flavors and the idea of eating that awesomeness.

And to tell you the truth, having to stop and take a picture of it prevents me from ravenously devouring. Yeah I look like an annoying Instagrammer, but who cares? It forces me to dedicate one extra minute; to have to stop and say, "okay, I like this meal and I will damn enjoy it!"

Whatever works, right? Here's some of my "mindful choices"....

Breakfast: Egg whites, strawberries and homemade banana bread

Lunch: Mozzarella, tomato, basil, pesto sandwich and a Coconut Water

Can I just take a minute to say, this stuff is so good. The nutrients of Gatorade, but none of the calories. Like sticking a straw in a coconut!

While we're on the subject of food, I stumbled across this "Ramen Hacks" image on Reddit. I'm fascinated by the endless Ramen options! CHECK IT OUT.

Yes, I know Ramen is loaded with sodium, but if you're poor (goodbye graduate school, hello teacher's salary), sometimes it's the cheapest option. That's not to say that you can't make it healthier.

I eat the chili or oriental flavored packs, only dump in half the flavoring packet and throw in some veggies and tofu. BAM, just a weeeeee bit healthier :)

Challenge yourself to be mindful this weekend--even if it's with Ramen!

Question: What's your favorite summer color? Have you tried "mindful eating" before?

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