Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Friday: Whatever I Feel Like Edition


And the first official FUN FRIDAY since I've been back to blogging. What is Fun Friday you may ask?

Whatever I feel like okay GOSH!

Like, if I feel like posting about going out for ice cream on a Wednesday night and bringing the pups:

They got baby bowls of fro-yo
Daisy pausing to lick her face
Carl' good.

Or, like if I want to share this HILARIOUS parody of Prancercise: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN PRANCE!

I don't care how much they make fun of Prancercise and Joanna Rohrback--she prances to the beat of her own drummer. And I kinda like that about her! You go on girl with yo prance self!

Speaking of hilarious...

I have a free subscription to Women's Health Mag. I got this issue in the mail yesterday and had to do a double-take:

"How to Friend Someone in Real Life"? I hope that is a joke because I laughed my a** off. I'll admit, it is harder to form friendships as a post-college adult, but really, does it require a magazine how-to? Step One: Say "hello"....

Moving right along.

I know it's going to be a good Friday because this pic showed up in my bookface newsfeed:

That's my stone fox of a congressional representative, Aaron Schock, with the also hunky creator of Insanity, Sean T. They were working out together this morning! I'M JELLY! Good to see that Mr. Schock is still sticking to his campaign exercise promises though.

You know what...I like you. YES YOU! So here some fresh jams just for your iPod. Cuz, as I just said, you're my fav!

1. Royals by Lorde
(Good beat! I'm impressed with this 16-year-old from Auckland!)

2. Inner Ninja by Classified
(The other guy in this video, who's singing the chorus, reminds me of Bill Nye. Hi-YAH!)

3. Love/Hate Thing by Wale
(Love. Just love.)

4. Beware by Big Sean
(I almost can't listen to any songs with Lil Wayne in them anymore because his voice is so obnoxious. But I like this one. Because he's barely in it)

5. Chainsaw by Family Force 5
(I don't know what Soulja Boy was cranking, but it wasn't as bada** as a chainsaw! :) I've seen these Atlanta guys perform before. They are seriously coordinated! This video is hilarious! If Gangnam Style hit #1, there is hope for this song too)

Have a flippin' sweet Friday!

Q: What are your weekend plans? Have a current favorite song? Share!

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