Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY Sunday: How To Make a Floral Crown

Ahhhhh, it's Sunday. In our house, it's relaxation day. Or, "catch up on yardwork you didn't do this week" day.

We HAVE to finish laying mulch but it is HOT HOT HOT! (love that Dish Hopper Commercial!)

That's 50 bags of mulch in that truck bed!

Train up, Wes!

We are running the Spartan Race in Marseilles, IL in less than a month. This will be Wes' first obstacle race. I told him to train up with those bags of mulch since there is one obstacle where you run (well, by that point, walk) with sandbags. Practice makes perfect :)

I also finished hanging our new dining room vinyl wall decal. It was a process because all of the white flower petals had to be individually placed! Can we say time consuming?

We've already discussed my love/fail relationship with Pinterest. Today I bring you another DIY craft that I saw and could not resist making--a floral crown. The Inspiration: Bleubird's tutorial (her blog is beautifully designed, so check it out!).

Part hipster, part Ren-Faire, all awesomeness. I wish I could wear one all day every day. Here's my tutorial. I changed it up a bit from the Pinterest inspiration, using materials that I thought would make the crown look more natural and less "wirey." You can get all of these materials in the floral section at Hobby Lobby or Michael's craft stores.

Vine Wire
Assorted Flowers (*smaller flowers with thin stems work best)
Brown Floral Stem Tape
Wire cutters (for the vine wire)
Scissors (for the flowers)
Hot Glue (optional)

Here's The Process Step by Step:

Let's Do It:

1. Make a circle with the vine wire and fit it to your head. Cut to fit and wrap the ends together. Keep the ends loosely entwined for a more "rustic" wreath look

2. Cut your flowers and leaves of choice from the bunch of flowers. Be sure to leave about 1/2 - 1" of stem on each flower.

3. Place the flower or leaves against the vine wire crown and secure by wrapping it with the brown stem tape. Repeat this process until you have the crown full of flowers to your liking. I kept my crown sparsely flowered.

4. Depending on the type of flowers you use, you may want to cut the flower stems down to the flower and hot glue the flowers directly to the crown to make them sit at a different angle. Then, once dried, wrap the hot glued area with the brown stem tape to cover the glue.

Now go get creative!

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