Friday, June 14, 2013

B Reviews: Viewsport Sweat Activated Shirts

As a public speaking instructor, I am obsessed with the show Shark Tank. I love seeing the creativity in both product invention and pitch. It's all dramatized for TV, but I still use it occasionally in my COM classs of what TO do and what NOT to do in persuasive presentation.

One product on the show was Viewsport "Sweat-Activated" shirts. Invented by Ben Wood, the shirt's "sweat activated technology" reveals a message as you sweat. I couldn't find the original Shark Tank clip, but I found this local news story. You'll get the idea. Mr. Wood got eat alive by the sharks and his message didn't appear when sprayed the shirt during the demo. Presentation nightmare!

Still, positive reviews of the shirts started popping up on the internets recently (read: blogs), so I thought, "hmmm kinda cool." I'm a sucker for gimmicks and new technology. And I sweat a lot :)

So, I headed on over to Viewsport's website to check it out. Kudos to their graphic designer(s) because these shirts are baller!

But since I am not an actual big time fitness blog baller (and consequently do not get free stuff), I shelled out $26 for my "Beast Mode" tank. I also bought a shirt for my husband since he's the one who told me about the product.

Now, I teach some intense classes. And as stated above, I produce a superhuman amount of sweat.

I wore the shirt to my Saturday morning Strong class (weight training). I got nothing. No message appeared on my back. I thought, "Can it be? Did I not beast mode enough to activate this shirt? This shirt thinks I am a wimp."

I wore the shirt to teach my Tuesday night RIPPED class. I was dripping sweat off my face during those burpees and push ups. I even told my class to look for the message! Nada.

Sad that perhaps I should have listened to the Sharks, but determined to make that damn message pop up, I had my husband splash some water on my back. Wal-LA! Message appeared! I AM A BEAST.

So there you have it--these shirts have to be substantially drenched to show. I mean, it has to be SOAKED. Both nights I was wearing a tank underneath (because these shirts are kind of sheer), so that may have affected the sweat-to-message ratio. Overall, an okay product.  Cute design, and it still kinda of makes sweating look cute and bada** at the same time. BEAST MODE! WATCH OUT!

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