Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magic & Diets & Magic Diets!

Did I ever mention that I wrote my Master's thesis on MAGIC? I'm talking top-hat-rabbit-magic-performance? :)

Anywho, two of my favorite performing magicians, Penn and Teller, have a big show in Vegas--and a little show on Showtime called "Penn and Teller: BULLSH*T!"

The show takes a no-holds-barred skeptical look at some of the most dubious trends and practices today. Like their "magic de-bunking" performance style, this duo calls upon science and expert testimony (and comedy) to expose the real issues underlying these trends and practices.

I came across an episode on YouTube called "Eat This!" It delves into the issue of "diet." And holy whoa, it will change your perspective on "health food." On the one hand, we privileged cultures are choosing to deprive ourselves of food to lose weight, and on the other hand, third-world cultures are STARVING without a choice.

As a fitness professional, I cringe at the word "diet." I really don't care if your aunt's friend's cousin's brother lost 1,987 pounds on the Akins/Raw/Real/Zone/Organic/Whatever Diet--diets are only temporary. Well-rounded healthy eating--and a well-rounded perspective on food--is for life.

Let me know what you think of this episode! (Warning: may contain some strong/sassy language!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on this? Are we too obsessed with what we are putting in our own bodies and not obsessed enough with the larger starvation problems of the world?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweltering Heat and Summer Swag!

There's a "staggering heat wave" sweeping the Midwest and boy, it's HOT outside! Yesterday, the humidity was 65%. Today, the humidity is at 78%! It's more like SWELTERING!

Sweltering weather means two things for me...

Does anyone remember these?!?! Saw them at Walmart recently and had a total flashback!

Even the pups like Popsicles!


Because what else is there to do when it's THAT hot out! These are my "back-to-school bags." One is L.A.M.B and the other is Jessica Simpson. Got them both for a STEAL at TJ Maxx.

Speaking of school, I can't believe a new semester starts in less than a month. Well, it's back to teaching for this public speaking instructor! Before we get into the fall, here's five of my other favorite "summer" fitness-related things. It's like an episode of "Oprah's Favorite Things," only I don't have millions of dollars of stuff to give away. But we can dream, can't we? Enjoy!

Flattering and cute on all body types. I think two pieces are somewhat overrated. A cute Marilyn Monroe-esque one-piece like this is just flat out SEXY.

Carmen Marc Valvo Swimsuit from Victoria's Secret

Hangover? Dehydrated? Tired? Or just thirsty? Grab an SM or VW Zero. For me, they are a cure-all. Target has a deal this week--buy 10 Vitamin Waters (which are 10 for $10) get a 6-pack of Smart Water FREE. SCORE!
Lemonade is the best VW flavor!

There's a new season this summer! If you've never seen the show, here's four good reasons to tune in:

The men of True Blood!
Yes, we've already established that I'm a 13-year-old girl trapped in a 25-year-old body :) Anyway, everyone in the show is totally CUT (men and women). Fitness inspiration with crazy DRAMA. Love it! Tarte cosmetics has a new "True Blood"-inspired make up set. I'm using all of my super-human strength to NOT snatch my credit card and order it from Sephora right NOW.

Boating, swimming, fishing...whatever you can do to be playing in (or with) water. Moving from the coast to the middle of the country has definitely given me an appreciation of water. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone around here who owns a boat and I don't have any kids to take to the community pool :( Am I too old to buy one of these and set it up in the backyard?

Running + sliding = MAJOR workout! The girls I used to babysit (way back in  high school days) had one and MAN--it's hard work to set up and take down!

Lake Geneva. The view from the balcony of the last wedding we went to. Ahhhh...makes my heart miss the coast!

Okay, so the last one isn't all that fitness-oriented, but it's good for your mental health! Good friends and good wine are the perfect combo: Endorphins AND Antioxidants! Just don't over-do it on the booze or snacks and you're good to go.

Everything in moderation (except laughter...unlimited!).

I know I'll be enjoying the outdoors while I can this year. I'd rather be burning up HOT than freezing in the snow! :)

Question of the Day: What are some of your favorite summer-time things? Are you more of a summer-heat or winter-snow person?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stop--Hatin' is Bad!

Just spreadin' some self-love imagery today! Like LMFAO says, stop the hatin'! Work what your mama gave ya! "Fit" does NOT equal skinny and "fitness" should always be an empowering and liberating endeavor...not a degrading and/or corrective one! Whatcha think about these apples...

I know, right?


Truth 100 times over.

Let's all riot for ice cream!

Definitely a part of my "fitness philosophy."

A REAL ad from the 1950's!

It says: "Hey there Special K Lady. I know you think I should diet so I can be slim like you. Thing is, I think I look  pretty fabulous just the way I am. Also, Special K tastes like cardboard.  So piss off." hehe!

A quote from my fitness IDOL!

Now, go and make today RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! :)