Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop and Swap

I woke up with a severe case of anxiety this morning. I dreamed that our house was destroyed by a tornado and we lost everything--money, clothes, possessions. We were forced to live on a cruise ship and we had to sneak onto the ship because we couldn't afford to pay for the cruise. Okay, so the last part was kind of weird, but the last couple of days of news about Joplin and the other tornadoes in the Midwest have been devastating. I'm a little anxious because we're supposed to get SEVERE storms tonight!

BTW, I looked up both "cruise" and "tornado" on (my trusted dream dictionary source!):
Cruise: To dream that you are on a cruise, represents some emotional journey that you are going through. The dream may also be a pun on "cruising" through situations in your life with ease and little effort. 
Tornado: To see a tornado in your dream, suggests that you are experiencing some extreme emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. Is there a situation or relationship in your life that may be potentially destructive?
Hmm...didn't know I had inner turmoil...go fig.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep after the crazy dream, so I got up at 5:45am to this lovely sight:

Ugh. Raaaaaainnnnn.

It's sunny as can be right now, so hopefully, that storm front will pass right by us tonight. Still, Wes made sure that our basement was FULLY prepped just in case--he was clearing it out, putting emergency supplies down there and everything. He's definitely "Mr. Preparedness." Me, I'm "Ms. Oh Sh*t Time To Panic."

On to happier thoughts (like Peter Pan says--"think happy thoughts")...

Next weekend, I'm gonna be a bridesmaid in my friend, Pam's, wedding! I picked up my bridesmaid's dress from the tailor shop yesterday. It turned out fabulous!

I need a fake bake tan for realz.

Now I'm in super-serious-weight-maintenance mode--I can't gain too much or lose too much or that dress is not gonna work! Picture me either suffocating in that chiffon or that top falling to my knees. So, I'm making a few "stop n' swaps" (haha--that sounds like the "bend and snap" or possibly a new rap song):

Instead of: Blueberry Bagel with Light Strawberry Cream Cheese
(ohmyfavorite breakfast! It's totally devoid of protein and overwhelmed with sugar and carbs. booooo.)

I'm having: "B's Healthier McGriddle"
(Protein-packed, low-fat and filling!)

B's Healthier McGriddle

-1/2 egg whites or egg substitute
-1 slice of cheddar cheese (REAL cheese, not the processed kind)
-2 Frozen Low-Fat Blueberry Waffles (Eggo makes some!)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Cook waffles in toaster
2. While waffles are cooking, cook eggs in small frying pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
3. Assemble sandwich with waffles, eggs, and cheese. Enjoy!

Breakfast of CHAMPIONS!

Some other "stop n' swaps" I'm investing in to save calories (and that anyone can do!)...

Stop: Eating Lunch Out
Swap: Lean Cuisine
Low-fat frozen meals are perfect for people with little to no time in the morning to make lunch. During the school year, I just pop a meal in my lunch bag and I'm ready to rock. In a perfect world, I would have time to cook up a fabulous organic-quinoa-kale-chickpea dish and take that with me for lunch. But this is reality and with two jobs, I don't have time for all that jank :) These are better than skipping lunch (don't ever do it!) and are portion-controlled.

Cheap + Good + Lean = WIN

Stop: Mayo
Swap: Guacamole
This is an age-old "duh" swap, but I always like to remind people of it. I like to make my own guac with extra tomato and onion in it! Also, don't let all those new "Olive Oil Mayo" commercials and ads fool you. It maybe made with Olive Oil, but it's STILL loaded with cholesterol and fat.

Mmmmm...homemade guac with extra veggies!

Stop: Cocktails
Swap: Wine
I love a good lemonade-vodka concoction like the next person, but classic cocktails are LOADED with sugar. Stick to wine for healthier (haha--as healthy as booze can be!) punch of antioxidants. A friend of mine introduced me to Bonterra Merlot, an organic wine--it's now my fav!

Baby, if you were a wine I'd drink you all day! :)

Stop: Cheese and Crackers
Swap: Hummus and Veggies
I eat, sleep and dream cheese I love it that much. But a simple swap from the standard happy-hour pairing to hummus and veggies saves both calories and carbs. cheese with my whine...

Stop: Sugar and Dessert (those evil, evil b*tches!)
Swap: 100-Calorie cookie packs, Low-fat Frozen Yogurt, Jello Mousse Cups
Look, I'm not saying give up sugar completely. If someone told me to do that I'd look at them as skeptically as if they asked a 30-year chain smoker to give up their cigs. But small changes = calorie savings. Right now, I'm loving the Sugar-Free Jell-O Mousse cups. They are spot on for chocolate cravings!

Have a wonderful day! I'm back to watching The Weather Channel!

Q.O.D. (Question of the Day): Do you "believe" in dream dictionaries? What are some of your favorite stop/swap tips? Please share! :)

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