Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year, New Blog!

Hi, blog. Remember me!?!? It's Laura!

The last six months have brought many changes into my life. With the flux in my personal life, I felt it only fitting that my blog also go through a metamorphosis--a "rebranding," if you will. I feel like my fitness life has evolved, and so too should B. Foxy Fitness. Out with the old name and in with the fresh and exciting (I double-dare you to click that link!). Sometimes, we all need a re-evaluation.

So welcome to my Blog 2.0! Do you like the new look? I was going for the "disco-glitter-she's-a-lady-clean-lean-blogging machine" look :) I kept the "B" because, as I've said before, that letter is significant in more ways than one.

Stay tuned to Laura B. Fit cuz I'm back like Barack and I'm here to stay! Send me any fitness questions you may have...or just general questions (I heart random questions!).

Some posts I have coming up...
-Fit n' Fun Friday! (the music selections and funny videos are BACK!)
-So you want to be a fitness instructor? (a multi-part series)
-Party recipes that are GOOD for you
-10 fitness essentials that you need TODAY
-Fitness clothes that make you want to PAR-TAY
-and MORRRRRRE!!!!

Another change you will see shortly is the addition of YouTube videos! Yes, you will be able to see me embarrass myself on camera for the whole world to see. And that's at least worth stopping back by for!

Well, back to dealing with this midwestern "Snowpocalypse" and dreaming of the beach!

The "Great Blizzard of '11" 

Trying to take my dogs out to pee has proven tricky. Please note that Bay Bay is adopting the ostrich method.

The snow is up to their chest!


It's no 20 inches, but it's got to be a foot deep!

I tried to "fall back" expecting to fall through the! The snow was too compacted. I think I got a snow concussion.  

REAL icicles. Not the Christmas kind either. The kind that signal that driving is impossible today.

This gives you a better idea of how deep the snow is!

Ugh...I need a margarita on the beach...STAT!

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