Monday, February 14, 2011

Falling in Love With Fitness!

Oh fitness items, how I adore thee! Let me count the ways...

Seriously, though, I'm pretty much head over heels in love with these fitness items. So in honor of Valentine's Day (which I will be celebrating all week on this blog!), I give you the five items on my current "fitness-love" list...

Cupcakes taste the best on Valentine's Day! :) Image by Bakerella on Flickr

1. Zumba Samba Pants

When I started teaching Zumba everyone kept raving about how comfy the Zumba pants are and I can tell you...YES. THEY. ARE. They are a little pricey, but Zumbawear goes on sale often and they LAST for a long time. *Sigh* If only I could wear Zumba pants all day...

If you ever order Zumba pants--a word of warning--they run a little small so order a size up!

2. This Zebra Bag!

Remember this CSN giveaway post? Well, I actually found this bag at a Gordmans in town! SCORE! It's the PERFECT gym size--not luggage-large, but not purse-small.

3. Lara Bars

Not only do they share my namesake, but these bars are 100% Gluten Free and Vegan. You know there's something good about a bar that only has four ingredients. I've tried A LOT of protein bars in my day, but nothing gives me feel-good energy like a Lara Bar. Some flavors are just *meh* (Chocolate Chip Brownie), but some are *OMG-this-tastes-like-the-real-deal* (Banana Bread). And, their newest flavor is Blueberry Muffin...drool...

You can find them in the protein bar aisle of any natural food store or Wal-mart.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is another awesome flavor!

4. The "Workout Towel"

This towel is too cute and beyond functional! Small enough to take with you to the treadmill and it solves the problem of where to put your keys! The perfect gift for your gym-going Valentine (hint, hint, Wes!). Check out the rest of The Workout Towel's other colors too!

5. Dr. Scholl's Insoles

Okay, okay, so the last "fitness love" is super-lame. But, insoles rock! My podiatrist recommended that I try using some kind of insoles in my athletic shoes since I'm on my feet all day. Now, I can't live without them in my sneakers. They make a huge difference! You don't realize how cheap the sneaker insoles that come with your shoes are until you replace them :)

I'm gellin' :)


Valentine's Day card by VixensEmpire on

Have a sweet day and don't be afraid to indulge a little today. If there's any day of the year to savor a piece of chocolate (or cupcake), it's today! And the gym will be there waiting tomorrow ;)

Q.O.D. (Question of the Day): What's on your "Fitness-Love" list? What fitness items can you not live without? P.S. I Love comments! :)

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  1. I too LOVE Valentine's Day! I do not have a "Valentine" but I have awesome parents! They got me some amazing gifts for the Hallmark Holiday!
    I also really like the look of the Zumba pants, but I dont know how they would fit me as I am tall and small!