Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super SWEET CSN Stores Giveaway!


I've seen them on other blogs, but it's kind of rad that I finally get to do one on my blog :) The grand prize? A $35 gift certificate to CSN!

After our move, we're in the process of finding some furniture to fill our empty house, and the CSN sister-store, Dining Rooms Direct, has some fabulous bistro sets and other furniture.

CSNstores, and it's 200+ sister websites (,, and to name a few), carry pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING under the sun--including some awesome health and fitness gear.

While you're thinking about entering this giveaway, I went to the CSN Stores main website and found a few things I would TOTALLY buy with an extra $35! Please join me on my magical mystery cyber-window shopping tour...

This Zebra Rockland Tote ($13.99) is the PERFECT size for a gym bag! Seriously, I dream of owning this duffel bag. I heart Zebra print (wink, wink) ;)

Feet get sweaty during a yoga sesh? Try these Gaiam Yoga Socks ($7.98)! I hear they're fantastic for slippery feet.

Remember my post on meditation? This Gaiam Meditation for Beginners DVD ($11.98) looks like an awesome intro to guided meditation. Packed with a 15-minute yoga session and TWO 20-minute guided meditation exercises, this DVD promises to "teach you to rejuvenate from within." Two words: Stress. Relief.

In the midst of moving and all the other craziness in my life, my yoga mat was tortured, ripped and destroyed. If I was going to replace it, I'd get this J Fit Premium Yoga Mat ($17.99), which is no-slip and PINK! If pink ain't your thang--no worries--there's all kinds of colors available!

Obnoxious family and reality show aside, Kim Kardashian has a bangin' body! I'm a little skeptical of her "fitness instructor capabilities" and I haven't worked out to this Kim Kardashian Amazing Abs and Body DVD ($15.99) yet, but I've seen good reviews for it. If it can give me that Kim K. a**, I'll try anything once.

Wall decals rock for three reasons: 1. They're temporary. When you get tired of them, you change them out. 2. They're bold and modern. 3. They're easy to apply and remove. These ferm LIVING Flora Wall Stickers ($59.95) are packed with colors that are just right for fall decor.

This Tervis Girl Skull and Crossbones 16oz Tumbler ($20.70) is the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous aluminum water bottle. Tervis tumblers keep hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder. They're safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer and you can even buy a lid so you can take your tumbler on the go.

Alright, now let's get down to the nitty gritty--How do you enter this giveaway?

Unlike some other blog giveaways I've encountered, I'm not going to make you hopscotch backwards for an hour, friend and follow me on every single social networking site, find Where's Waldo, then publicly dedicate your undying allegiance to this blog.


All you have to do is check out the CSN Stores website and tell me in a comment what you would buy with a $35 gift card (It doesn't have to be fitness-related!). A winner will be chosen via a random number generator on Sunday, September 19th at 5pm. So ENTER RIGHT NOW!!!!


  1. Hey! I looked over the website and I would love to have one of these Seating Disc/Balance Ball piece of equipment to help me work on my posture at work. I have notoriously bad posture and that is one of my goals for the rest of the year and I think with this bit of help, I can make my goal. I would probably buy a balance ball for my house as well so I could at least sit in an upright position for an hour or so each day. :)

  2. I need a new office chair in my home office and the Office Star Work Smart Task Chair with Screen Back looks like it might just fit the bill.

  3. I would love to get the Paula Deen 11" Square Griddle in red!

  4. Girl, that site is freaking insane. There are so many things I just NEED ;-) Actually, I would totally buy a hand blender b/c I make a ton of soups in the fall/winter. I'm quite tired of making a huge mess transferring to the blender then back to the pot. And I am so with you on jumping a thousand hoops to enter a giveaway. Thanks you for being considerate friend.

  5. I would get the Ravenscroft Crystal Burgundy wine glasses.

  6. I would get this to help with my mid-section!! And it will look great when we set up our home gym (one day!!)

    Pro Form Abs Core Bench!!

  7. I'd start stocking up on early childhood school supplies, like dry-erase sentence strips and a pocket chart!

  8. I saw so many things on there that I would want. I need a new suitcase, I really liked a pair of birkies on there, could use new boxing handwraps, alsoo liked the AeroMat Foam Roller

  9. I haven't read anything good about the Kim Kardashian workout - please let us know what you think about it!

  10. I would love to get this bib & burp cloth set for my baby:

  11. I'd get a balance ball, so that when I'm playing my video games, I'll at least do something good for my core. Also a pair of these bad boys to lounge in: