Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Playlist: NEW! FRESH! EXCITING!

Thank you all for all the kind words about my narrative yesterday. It took me a really long time to become comfortable telling that story out loud and I'm proud that I've reached a point in my life where I'm comfortable enough with myself to discuss it with others.

For me, yesterday was just one of THOSE days. You know, the kind, where you need one of these at the end of it:

It started off awesomely--I got up early, practiced Piyo, walked the dogs, made myself a most excellent breakfast smoothie...

This is BayBay's "Momeeeeezzz canz we plz go for walk now" look.

Beaufort is thinking, "Let's freaking go already Momeeeez!"

All I have to say is "Go for a W?" and they freak out and run to the door :)

THEN I WENT TO TEACH SCHOOL. The day took a nose-dive.

As, with every job, you have your good days and bad days. This was one of those "I give up--you guys are slowly killing my soul" kind of days. The kind of day where no one is paying attention. The kind of day where a student gets a cell phone call DURING class, picks it up, proceeds to talk while everyone is staring at him and I'm giving him the stink-eye, he gets ordered out of the room and continues to talk on his way out the door.

Yep, that happened. First time for everything I guess. That was just one of three or four incidents I wish didn't go down yesterday. On my 40 minute drive home, cruising in my Hyundai Sonata, I BLASTED the gangsta rap and tried to remind myself that headaches come with the job. Little known fact about me--I LOVE gangsta rap. Rap just says all the angry things we're all too decent or literate to say out loud :)

THEN I WENT TO TEACH FITNESS. Instant turnaround!

Teaching group fitness always turns my frown upside down! I went to teach my very first "Strong" class at the new gym where I work and I brought candy. Everyone needs a little sugar at 6:40pm!

Hey, Starbursts are fat-free!

Right before my class, something very freakin' awesome happened--I met another local blogger! Lindsay from Learning to Cook and Eat and Enjoy Delicious Food came up to me and introduced herself! I have to admit, it was the first time since I started blogging in May that I've met another blogger in person! Lindsay is super sweet and incredibly down to earth, so it just brightened my day :) Hopefully, we can get a local blogger meetup going--so all you Blo-No/Central Illinois health and fitness bloggers REPRESENT!

Also, while I'm still on the topic of the gym, check out my new kicks! Because I wear out the soles of my shoes so quickly, I try to get a new pair every 5-7 months. I highly suggest this if you work out more than 4 days a week. When the treads on the bottom start to disappear, it's time for a new pair!

Just got these swank-monsters the other day :)

Since yesterday was a day for firsts (first day of the school year I wanted to cry out of frustration, first time I met another blogger in person, first class at a new gym) and since this month is one of new beginnings (two new jobs, new lease, new car, new shoes!), this monthly playlist is inspired by the concept of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the feeling of being free.

Lemme know what you think! This one is a hodge-podge of music genres and eras. Click the links and you can hear the songs on YouTube.

1. Fresh -- Kool & The Gang
("She's FRESH FRESH, EXCITING!" That's how I feel about life right now. Trippy music video too!)

2. New -- No Doubt
("Don't let it go away, this feeling has got to stay." ND is my favorite band. Definitely a good running song!)

3. Universal Mind Control -- Common
("This is that new sh**" Love the beat in this one!)

4. Ready to Start -- The Arcade Fire
(A song about new beginnings. Very chill.)

5. Step by Step -- New Kids on the Block
(NEW Kids on the Block, yo! STEP!!! Lol. It never gets old.)

6. Eyes Without a Face -- Billy Idol
(NEW wave Billy Idol--I heard this song on XM yesterday and was like, "WOW, I LOVE THIS 80'S XM STATION!")

7. Up Up & Away -- Kid Cudi
(Upbeat and hopeful jam. I dare you to not tap your feet to this one.)

8. Free -- Zac Brown Band
(A chill and beautiful country song.)

9. Possibility -- Lykke Li
(From the NEW Moon soundtrack. A powerful ballad for chillin' out.)

10. New Theory -- Washed Out
(This artist hails from my home state of South Cakalacki :) This is a good one for yoga/pilates. Always evokes memories of living on the coast for me!)


  1. At least the day ended on a positive note! We have to say "W" instead of walk too, but ours haven't figured out W just yet. We say it quietly LOL. I've only met 2 bloggers as well and that was because they just happen to be Cathe fans as well and were the ones who talked me into Cathe's Road Trip this summer.

  2. I love those shoes!! What brand are there? I actually keep track of mileage along with checking the soles to see when I might need new ones. I have 2 pair of running shoes and another pair of just regular gym shoes.

  3. What kind of dog is Bay Bay?! She looks like Niko!! Niko's a maltese/yorkie.
    Can't wait for a blogger meet up! There's actually quite a few here in B/N :) I'm excited for our blogger run.
    Love the digs!