Monday, September 6, 2010

Nothing Says "Labor Day" Like Make-up, Football and Wine!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

For me, today was just any other day because...I HAD TO WORK! At TWO JOBS no less! YAY!

I'm just being silly, not really complaining. In actuality, I feel incredibly grateful that I have more jobs than I can handle right now. There are many people out there who are spending Labor Day unemployed (and not by choice). I should rejoice in the fact that I had a lot of work to do today :)

Because I had to work today, this weekend was my "Labor Day" weekend. Here's how it was spent...

Saturday morning started off with an All Shook Up PBB smoothie.

I decided to do my annual "make-up purge." My heart sank when I tossed all this stuff in the trash. Trust me, none of this was salvageable and most of it was way past its prime. It feels good to shed all that unnecessary stuff--like a cleansing of the face! Still, I just love make-up that damn much :)

It's also the start of college football season! I NEVER watched football. My college, The College of Charleston, didn't even have a football team. Then, I started dating Wes--now I'm hooked! I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger, but football wasn't one of them. I like learning the rules, strategies, and tricks of a new sport, so I secretly don't mind it being on our TV on Saturdays.

We may live in Illinois now, but Wes still roots for the Clemson Tigers. Every year about this time he pulls out all his orange shirts. It doesn't even matter to him if no one here knows the eff the Tigers are. He still rocks that orange paw. AND THAT'S why I love him!

Right after my make-up purge and football break, I looked on my front porch and Mr/Ms. UPS left me a lovely Sephora package. YESSSssssss...

Philosophy = best lip gloss EVER. Hands down. Smells good, tastes sweet, and has HIGH VOLTAGE gloss! As Lil Mama says--This lip gloss is POPPIN'! :)

Saturday night, we decided to celebrate Labor Day in full force (since I could NOT be hungover on Monday for work! lol). Nothing says good-bye summer like a glass of wine with frozen raspberries, sipped on the porch :(

To use up the last of fresh berries, I just freeze them and throw them in (ahem-boozy-ahem) drinks. *Sigh* I'll just have to wait until next year for more fresh raspberries.

I LOVE happy hour and wholly believe that apps are an adequate substitute for dinner :) For this Labor Day celebration, I decided to make some crostini topped with bruschetta/mozzarella and spinach/artichoke dip.

Okay, so I cheated a little! You got me! :) This stuff was DAMN GOOD. You can find it (or similar brands) at the grocery store in the canned pasta sauce isle. I just toasted the French bread at 350 for 6 minutes, topped it with spread, and toasted it for another 6-7 minutes.

The end result. Hits the appetizer spot!

Well, I'm off to practice my new Piyo (pilates/yoga) routine that debuts in my class on Wednesday. I LOVE NEW FITNESS ROUTINES! Changing up the moves provides a muscle challenge and revs that metabolism. It sounds a little sadistic, but I like that "new routine" soreness feeling!

A preview of my Piyo playlist:

Tomorrow, I'm teaching my very FIRST fitness class at a new gym! I'm a little nervous (you know--the standard "Will they like me?" "Will I choke?" "What do I wear?") . I'm teaching a pre-choreographed strength routine, so it shouldn't be so bad once I get past my nervousness! Wish me luck!

Q.O.D. (Question of the day): How did you spend your Labor Day? Do you have an annual "purge" of anything (make-up, dust, clutter)? What's your favorite appetizer (I'm always looking for new recipes!)? Do you watch football?


  1. I love buying those spreads. Yum. I need to remember the frozen berry trick for white wine. Love that picture too. I am not a football fan at all. I'm very lonely during football season as you can imagine.

  2. Those spreads look delish! I spent Labor Day working out, having lunch with my daughter and vegging out on the couch for the rest of the day. My favorite app is either crab dip or caprese salad. I am not a football fan, but I love football movies!