Friday, September 3, 2010

New Balance in a Crazy, Busy Life

Hi, friends! Nah, I'm not talking about New Balance shoes in this post (although they rock and last forever!).

Once again, I disappear for a whole week and post at the end. I really need to learn balance in writing this blog! To all you bloggers who have full-time jobs out there--How do you find/make the time for blogging? In the morning? At night? I'm still trying to get used to my daily 40 minute commute to work and my schedule. At the end of the day, I'm EXHAUSTED!

Teaching is one of those jobs that you take home with you. You work a full day, and then come home and grade, answer emails, and prepare lesson plans. Teaching group fitness is the same--except you are practicing routines and planning new moves.

Thankfully, I have enough experience (and lesson plans!) under my belt to help me out in both teaching jobs (college AND fitness), but it's difficult to strike that balance between JOB and HOBBY. Teaching introductory communication is my JOB. Fitness is also my JOB, but more like my HOBBY. I need to allot time for both, but not too much. I need limits.

Finding a balance is freakin' hard!

I'm also feeling exhausted from all of the recent newness is my life. The last month has been equivalent to packing SIX months of excitement into one. Don't get me wrong--I feel incredibly thankful for all of my good fortune! But sometimes good fortune can be a little overwhelming:

New lease

New jobs (fitness and full-time job)

New Fitness Routines


A new car!

Yep, I broke down and bought a new car--a silver 2011 Hyundai Sonata. It looks just like this picture. My poor 10-year-old Hyundai Elantra needed to retire.

I'll really miss that little hoopty! It was my very first car. That car and I shared 100,000 miles, 4 schools, three accidents, many relationships, a big cross-country move and lots of history together. Like my apartment, it made me tear up a little to leave it in the dealership parking lot :( It looked so sad and empty, but I guess change is part of growing up.

My poor little Hyundai named Rio. Yeah, I'm a freakazoid and name my cars. In case you're a curious freakazoid like me, I named my new car "Sterling" on account of its sterling silver color.

Saying my goodbyes to Rio for the last time. I'm smiling, but it's bittersweet :(

I feel like I'm entering some new phase of my life, though it's happening hella quickly!

While change is exciting, it can still be overwhelming all at once. In an attempt to find balance, I came across the "Life Wheel," a tool used to assess personal happiness and balance according to your roles and areas of life that are important to you. The idea is that you create an "ideal" wheel of dimensions and then a wheel that illustrates your life now. Then, you compare to see the dimensions of your life that need attention. has a cool interactive version and explanation of the wheel.

I definitely need to devote more time to fun (blogging!), family and friends, and my environment. We've been moved in for almost three weeks now and nothing is even hung on the walls yet! Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to make it a POINT to find some semblance of balance in my crazy busy life! :)

My Q.O.D. (questions of the day):
  • If you are a blogger, how do you find time to blog?
  • How do YOU find balance in your crazy, busy life? What areas on the "Life Wheel" do you need to devote more time to?
  • Do you name your cars? :)


  1. I blog but only occasionally due to going to school online and also my workout schedule. It is hard to find that perfect balance and not sure how people have like 2-3 blog postings per day!! Actually never named my car before but when I was younger my parents name one of our car Christine, after the Stephen King novel. This car seriously was a big giant green boat that tried to kill all the females on my family! lol

  2. You have so much going on girl and so much of it is new all at once. You'll get into a routine I'm sure. I cheat and start most of my posts here and there at work then finish them up and post at home. I know, bad employee.... I used to name my cars. The first car I bought myself was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse named Eli. The 2nd was a white Eclipse we called The Marshmallow.