Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back like Ahrrrnold!

After a two-week hiatus (which, in blog time is equivalent to two mini-epochs), I've returned from the land of the lost, the dead, and I'm back to the future blogging :) I missed you all and I definitely missed reading a lot of other fabulous blogs too! Thank you to all who left comments on my vacation posts! It was a crazy fun trip and I'm thinking that it should become a yearly tradition!

So much has happened in the last two weeks, so let me share my insanity with you. It's the "good" kind of insanity, so no worries :)

First, I got and started a new job as a Communication instructor here...

I had to read and make lesson plans for this...

And then, at the LAST minute, we got our MOVE on...

I loved our tiny apartment, but our living situation had gotten pretty sketch (meaning, our neighborhood had turned into a literal ghetto in a span of one year's time). Since we'd moved into that place, we've called the cops no less than 10 times on various suspicious activities. It's also become a haven for gangs and host to gang violence. I swear it was a nice neighborhood when we moved in over two years ago!

With our lease up, I called our landlords (this sweet older husband-wife team--LOVE them!) and told them we needed OUT of our apartment. They totally understood and didn't blame us for wanting to move immediately. They told us that they had a house for rent and they would knock $500 off the rent price if we moved in there (It pays to be on good terms with your landlord!). So we looked at it...

And totally took it! Our landlords said we could move in anytime and not pay rent until September, so we wasted NO time moving. The next day...

Stuff everywhere.

Craziness and clutter give me anxiety--this was a REALLY hard thing to look at for a few days.

Since we moved the big furniture first, I had to use a folding chair for a make-shift nightstand!

When I say we moved last minute, I mean, we looked at the apartment on Thursday and moved in over the weekend! This is NOT something I would EVER recommend to anyone. Pain. In. The. A**!!! We had no boxes, no time to pack. We pretty much lived like vagrants for a week. Our "moving strategy" was:
  1. Buy some tubs.
  2. Pack as much sh*t as we can in the tubs.
  3. Throw the rest of the stuff in the back of Wes' pickup.
  4. Move on up to the (west)side. It's no high rise apartment, but it's a ginormous step up from the ghetto :)

On the plus side of moving last minute, I got some good exercise--lift, move, put away, sweat buckets, repeat. Can't beat that good old fashioned late-summer-heat-filled LABOR to get the blood pumping and sweat dripping. I drank so much Gatorade last weekend, I thought I was going to start sweating beads of blue and green.

Of course we also had to "bless" the new house with some "Indian Spirit" (which is all kinds of politically incorrect and bad for the environment since it's aerosol). My sister gave this to me when I was visiting in Texas. It says 100% Legitimo on the can so it better work! lol.

With a view like this every morning, I think we made the right choice to move.

Still, I'm gonna miss that little mouse house that we called a home for the last two years. So many memories were had in that little place--tears, arguments, celebrations, birthdays, holidays, heartaches and parties. I remember when we first moved in...

The building we lived in.

Yep, that's purple shag carpeting you see there, folks! At the time, I thought it was "kitschy." I soon found out that it was just NASTY.

I raised two puppies in that little apartment...

First came Beaufort.

Then came Daisy.

I learned about the beautiful and annoying snow of central Illinois in that apartment...

And I learned how to live with someone other than myself ;) Awwww...

After thoroughly cleaning the old, sad, empty apartment, I said my goodbyes. I almost cried. Is that normal?

I feel like when we leave a living space, we leave part of our selves--our energy and some of our memories, the positive and negative ones. I'm a sap, and I get sentimentally attached to places and things. I know this move is a step up in life--a graduation to bigger and better things--but I can't help but feel a little sad and nostalgic too.

I'll post pics of the new house soon, but I need to get more stuff put away, pictures hung, and furniture bought. This place is so much larger than our other apartment that we have TWO empty rooms!

ANNNNNND, if all that wasn't enough, I got hired for ANOTHER new job--a fitness-related job! I'll tell you more about it soon, so keep checking back! Between two jobs and a move, I've done enough paper work to last me a LOOOOONG time!

Craziness aside, I'm back and will be writing regularly-scheduled posts, so come visit B Foxy Fitness again!

Q.O.D. (question of the day): Do you feel sad/nostalgic when leaving one living space for another? What's your "moving strategy?" What's your favorite place that you've ever lived (city or building)?


  1. I have moved so many times due to my husband's job (he is a government contractor worker) and we both were in the army before. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. It is cheaper to do it yourself but more of a pain the butt. I think my current location of the DC metro area is my favorite place we have moved. Ohhh and I really enjoyed when we lived in Germany for 3 months but that was out of a hotel

  2. So glad your back. I was just thinking about you yesterday. I totally get sad about moving. We pass by our first apt sometimes and it brings back so many memories. And awesome deal on the new place!

  3. I'm glad to see you're back blogging again! Have fun unpacking and good luck with everything!! Love you!