Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Austin Day 3: Cupcakes, Boots, and Bubbly

I took like 400 pictures taken on this trip! So be forewarned--this is a long post but I swear I picked only the best ones :)

To continue the rest of the vacation recap...

We started our Thursday off with cat entertainment. Megatron's cat, Pajamas, LOVES boxes. So we just "recycled" our wine box from the night before.

After coffee, it was off to the Juarez Mexican Restaurant & Bakery for breakfast. If you ever find yourself in Round Rock---GO. It's a little hole in the wall, but it's authentic and delish.

How can it NOT be amazing?!?! Check out these cookies and pastries!

I went for the egg n' potato "taco"...

...and I couldn't resist this cheese danish. The center is cream cheese and the pastry had a slight taste of orange to it!

My sister went the authentic route and ordered eggs scrambled with chorizo, served with refried beans and potatoes.

NOM NOM NOM. We tend to be eating in half of our pictures :)

After breakfast, we headed to downtown Austin to do some sightseeing.

The Texas State Capitol. It's free and open to the public (or as my sister put it, "I pay my taxes so I practically own part of this thing!")

They are remodeling the top of the building (including the lady).

Inside the Texas capital building looking up. It was totally renovated and absolutely breathtaking.

The capitol building from the top, looking down. See the "Six Flags" of Texas on the floor?

Sightseeing made us hungry (actually EVERYTHING makes us hungry! lol), so we headed to Congress St. to get some cart grub and do some shopping.

Megan and Kristie opted for smoothies.

We dined umbrella-fresco :)

I went the hearty route and ordered the "veggie slider" from The Mighty Cone. It came with this amazing chipotle sauce.

Don't forget the chili-dusted fries!

South Congress has all these quirky vintage and gift shops. Including, Allens Boots, which carries the most colorful, fabulous and b*tchin' boots you'll find in Texas! One pair had skulls all over them!

We couldn't leave South Congress without getting a cupcake from Hey Cupcake!

I got strawberry cream cheese (Sweetberry) and my sister got double chocolate (Double Dose). We both went the "fattie" route and got our cakes injected with whipped cream. A little overboard, but SO DAMN GOOD!

My mom being funny :)

When we got back from our shopping trip, we were hot and tired and collapsed on the sofa. Then, I got an incredibly important phone call. Remember that Skype interview I did in the airport?

Well, it paid off because I got the job! I start in two weeks and I'll be a full-time Communication Instructor at a nearby liberal arts college! I get to do what I'm passionate about--teach! I'm really excited to start, though a little nervous since I'll be teaching from a new book.

After our celebratory champagne, we went out on the town to see a show at Esther's Follies. It's vaudeville-style comedy/parody song and dance show with a little bit of magic thrown in. It's more than a little cheesy, but it's an Austin classic. After the show we walked down 6th street and got some grub at Iron Cactus. Their margaritas were off the CHAIN!

After a long and successful day, we ended it at home by watching True Blood Season One (I got all three of them HOOKED! muahahahaha!) and snuggling in our pajamas with Pajamas :)

I've been hella busy gearing up for my new job (including reading the new textbook, making a new syllabus and new PowerPoint presentations), so I apologize if I haven't been commenting on your blog or on the comments as much :( It's weird because when I go a day without blogging I feel like I've lost touch with EVERYTHING going on in the blogging realm! Does this happen to anyone else?

Have no fear! I'll be back with some of my regular content and comments this week!

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Days 4 & 5 of our "Girls' Trip."

Q.O.D. (questions of the day): Have you ever been to Austin? What do you like to do when visiting a new city? Eat? Drink? Shop?


  1. Yah!! YOU made it to the mobile cupcake place!! I love Austin with a passion and every time I go to a new city I will eat my way through it. I also love to walk everywhere and sight see. It allows that great balance of eating and exercising.

  2. What's a vacation for but taking 400 pictures??? LOL I have never been to Austin, but it is one place I really would like to visit. When I hit a new city, I always want to see the old part of town, the historical areas. I love to eat, drink and shop (all at the same time).

  3. Congrats on the job!!!!! That's awesome.

    Your trip seriously looks like so much fun. Those hole in the wall places are always good, aren't they? And I was dying to find a gourmet cupcake shop in Philly but there were none in the small area we had time to visit. Now I'm craving a fancy cupcake even more.

  4. Congrats on your job. Awesomeness. Now you can 'help the economy' even more. LOL>. I have never been to Austin but I have been most everywhere else. When I used to travel lots for business - I would really enjoy running new routes in the city and exploring on foot. I used to run in all the cities I went to - and it was fun to see each cities uniqueness. Now - I do the same thing when I am gone for personal vacations, etc. I also like to enjoy new food. I LOVE ethnic food - but Sean doesn't - so if we are away - I can sometimes get him to try...
    looks lke you had so much. Kudos on that mad cupcake.