Monday, August 9, 2010

Austin Day 2: Donuts and Debauchery

I just got back from teaching TurboKick this morning at the gym. Ugh...I'm sweating like a boy :)

While I "dry off" from my EARLY morning sweat session, I'll tell you about Day 2 of our Austin trip...

After waking up on Wednesday morning to EIGHT police officers taking "evidence" in the hotel room next door (creepy!), we all headed out to eat at an Austin staple: Round Rock Donuts.

Say "Donuts!"

The array of donuts at RRD. Though really, there's only one way to go--the classic glazed. You may have heard/seen RR Donuts on Man vs. Food--they have a donut the size of my head. Literally.

If it's your first time at RR Donuts they give you a fresh, hot donut. It was KB's first time at RRD, but the guy at the counter gave us all donuts. I'm sorry, but these definitely rival Krispie Kreme for the "Best Hot Donut" title.

There's the Texas-sized mammoth in all it's glory. Did we get one? You bet your a** we did :)

I got an apple fritter too, but it didn't hold a candle next to the glazed.

Megs: OOooooooo...
Me: (choking on a donut) Cough, cough, choke, choke.

Mams is so cute. Love her!


Wednesday was our "shopping day," so after RRD, we headed to my favorite "make-believe" store--IKEA!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this lamp. I just want to take everything in this showroom display home...already assembled. Seriously, I could LIVE in this store!

Megs pretending to be Giada.

In reality, we know this is the only kind of cooking Megs does--the pretend kind!
(just kididng, Megs! I know you cook a mean omelet!)

I reeeaaaaallly wanted these lamps, but I didn't think I could get them home in one piece in my suitcase. *SIGH* I'll have to order online.

Next we hit up the outlet mall. I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it was GORGEOUS!

They're serious about their state.

Well, Texas WAS as hot as hell...

The Reebok EasyTones are amazing shoes! First, I sold my mom on these shoes. Now, I convinced my sister to get a pair too! Reebok needs to start paying me a commission on these recommendations! :)

Pink and snazzy!

After 8 hours of shopping, we came home with our loot.

Since we ate a late lunch we opted for happy hour apps and wine for dinner. We had mozzarella, asiago w/rosemary, honey pretzels w/ Harry and David's raspberry pretzel dip, chips, crackers, and cookies.

KB is our resident wine expert :)

There was also some dino chicken nuggets for the... ah-hem...meat-eaters present. This vegetarian Stegosaurus only wanted a little nibble of cheese!

When KB and I get back to the hotel late at night, we're looking through our stuff and KB notices this on her new skirt--not one but TWO security tags still on it. Dang, if I'd have known, I would have taken a few other items while we were there! lol.

Come back later today for an update on Day 3 of my Austin adventures!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I've never been to Texas. I now must add this to my list of cities I must see in the US.

  2. I totally love apple fritters...and now I want one! IKEA always sucks me in. I usually walk out with at least a couple completely unnecessary kitchen items :)

  3. Yumm! I love Round Rock Donuts!! When I was there I got their fried cinnamon roll. Also went to the outlets too.

  4. I have to keep that large donut place a secret from my husband. He'll be ready to go there ASAP if I told him about it, lol.

  5. That donut store looked ammaaaazzinng. And I do have to say - you look mighty happy with them. Are you sure thye aren't spiked:) i am so happy that you are able to balance so well. So proud of you!!