Sunday, August 8, 2010

Austin Day 1: Southbound


I'm back like Bobby Brown and I have so much news to share with you!

As you know, I've been in Austin for five days on a "Girls' Trip" with my Mom, BFF (KB), and my sister (Megs). Megs already lives in the fine and hip city of Austin so it was the perfect opportunity to get out and have some fun.

Since I tell stories better with pictures (I swear I was a children's book author in another life), I tried to select the best pics to represent my trip and write a post-"post" for each day.

To start this crazy, whirlwind trip off...

On Tuesday morning, I was hustling to pack (of course I waited until the last minute!), and I get a call for a job interview. They want to do the interview THAT DAY via Skype. I tell them that I have to catch a plane at 12:30pm and they decide to do the interview at 11:30am--exactly ONE and a HALF HOURS from now!

So with wet hair and a half-packed suitcase, I'm rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find my computer cam, remember how to use Skype (I hadn't used my account in over 10 months!), and FINISH packing.

I hustle out the door at 10:45am and miraculously make it to the airport at 11:00am (I was flying down the interstate to the airport). Right as I make it through security, get to my terminal, turn my computer on, and hook up to Skype, the hiring committee dials me in and BAM--interview begins!

I've never had a Skype interview but it was pretty awesome. Actually not that different from a real interview. I had ear phones on, but I'm sure people around me in the terminal thought I was a nutcase because I was talking loud enough so that my voice would carry over my computer cam:

"My philosophy on teaching is..."

"I would describe my teaching style as..."

"I mean, sometimes you have to put the fear in 'em, but..."

"I think most of my students would describe me as a little bit nutty, a little bit quirky..."

The interview only took 20 minutes and I felt good about it, but I was DEFINITELY shaking with adrenaline from the previous hour and a half rush. I shut my computer down, took a Valium (to calm my already jacked nerves and the pre-flight jitters in my stomach) and boarded my flight.

This is why I needed the Valium--I don't get flight anxiety until we hit a high altitude and my rational side kicks in and is like, "HOLY S*&$! We are really high up!"

Post Valium thoughts: "What a gorgeous view!"

Gotta love plane snacks. My drink of choice: ginger ale. Also, check out those tiny pretzels! So cute!

In Atlanta, I met up with my mom and KB (below). Needless, to say KB and I had a LOT of catching up to do on the flight!

My sister picks us up from the airport and we head to Gino's, an Italian restaurant in Round Rock, TX. Isn't my mom so cute? :)

All good girls' trips start with booze :)


What to order??? Me and KB

I opted for the Spinach Mushroom Lasagna. GINORMOUS portions, but sooo good.

My sis, Megatron, the "animal cop." No really, she's an animal control officer.

After dinner, we went to check into our hotel (where KB and I stayed). It looked nice, but this place turned out to be sketchballs. We woke up to find the POLICE taking crime scene evidence next door and canvassing the hotel. We couldn't get a straight answer out of the front desk manager, but we figured it was drugs...I think?

After dinner and checking into the hotel, we get back to Megs' apartment to find that her cat, PJ, has ravaged the bread on her counter. This kitty was HUNNNNGRRRRRY and not waiting to be fed! Yeah, the cat actually ate some of the bread. Trust me, this cat wasn't starving or anything--he's just a fattie who likes to be fed on time.

Meg giving PJ "hug punishment" :)

KB gave me this DIY wine key chain that she made herself! She knows I love champagne, so I got a Rotari one!

After a long day of flying and excitement, we all agreed to call it a night. KB and I went back to the hotel and CRASHED. I literally passed out cold I was so tired. Which, probably explains why, if a crime DID occur in the hotel room next door, I was dead to the world asleep and wouldn't have heard anything anyway :)

Stay tuned for the next installment--Day 2...


  1. I am a firm believer in ativan for all flights ;-) So glad you got to have such a great girls getaway!!

  2. I swear all portions are bigger in Texas. I have never been to Gino's before but next time I am in the Round Rock area I will be sure to check them out