Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a Freakin' Day...

Today has been so freakin' hectic! Here's my accomplishments:

**Walked the dogs


**Dishes galore

**Grocery shopped (it was one of those BIG trips where we don't even have Ketchup). I was hustling and got it done in an hour. We now have food again (thank goodness--I was getting desperate and resorting to some crazy-random meal combos)...

I assure you, the bacon ain't for me, but for that meat-eater I live with. The Bud Select may or may not be for both of us though :)

**Veggie burrito lunch with Bubby at noon

**Job application submitted

**Started an essay for another job application (a fellowship) to work in the Governor's office. The "essay" was two-fold:
1. Explain your interest in public service and government in one page.
2. Suggest a method for improving the state's ability to meet citizen needs and expectations in one page (I'm really opinionated so this one will be a breeze!)

**Practiced new TurboKick Round that I got in the mail yesterday. The music is just okay...I'm not digging it as much as the other rounds, but it's growing on me. Here's the CD/DVD combo I got in the mail...

**Taught TurboKick at 4:15. If you've never seen a TurboKick workout before, here's a preview of the "turbo" part of the class (this one was being taught by Chalene, the founder of TurboKick. I found this on YouTube):

**Came home and had leftover spinach pesto pasta (sorry, I don't have a pic, but it's similar to this recipe from Eat Me Delicious)

**Now, blogging and catching my breath.

**Later, watching Jersey Couture. I'm tired of most of the new "Jersey" reality shows, but I can totally relate to the sisters on this one. Plus, they have GORGEOUS dresses in their family's boutique!

In the morning, I get to get up and start the craziness all over again! Who knew unemployment could be this busy?!?! I'm seriously in job hunting mode though (it's been two months since my graduation with a Master's in Communication). Not that I'm not looking--the job market just blows right now.

I'll always have group fitness as a passion and a secondary source of income, but it definitely can't be my main source of income (I teach and preach fitness because I love it and it makes me feel on top of the world, not for the money or prestige).

So, my Q of the Day is: What is the best job-hunting advice you ever received? Have you or would you ever consider working in the fitness industry?

Tomorrow, I promise that I will have more fitness-related content and pictures to share! :) Until then, here's the rest of the pictures from my Nebraska trip (specifically, the actual "tanking" part).

Ah, the Nebraska landscape--cows and farmland as far as the eye can see.

The mass chaos of people going tanking with us. Believe it or not all of these 40+ people are friends or family of my friend, Pam! Her family knows a LOT of people!

Calamus Outfitters, the tanking company's bus. You can see their company website here. If you're ever in the Nebraska neck of the woods and want to experience tanking, I highly recommend their company. Their tanks were clean, the trip was hassle free, and it was pretty cheap.

This is a "tank." It's a little bigger than a plastic kiddie pool, with wooden "seats." Seats 5 comfortably.

Bubby scoping it out. He was in charge of loading and docking the tank.

Ahoy, Matey! It's Captain B!

The "healthy" tomato juice Bloody Marys we started with. Pam's family recipe. They were salty and spicy as a mofo!

Look closely and you can see the "B" carved into the side of the bank :)

Every once in a while, everyone would sandbar or bank their tanks for a wading/drinking break. This extended our trip by, like, 2 and a half hours.

More scenery from the view of the tank.

Bubby was the whitest thing on the river that day. Awww, I kid, but I really love my snowflake boy! ;) Here, we docked in a bit of what looks like pluff mud...or marsh or something...

I totally recommend tanking if you're ever in Nebraska. It was just as I imagined--a "Nebraska redneck" good time had by all 40+ people! :) Have a great evening, ya'll!

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  1. Wow you were a busy bee. You know it's serious when there is no ketchup left ;-) I've never tried any of Chalene's DVDs, but am itching to try the new TurboFire (think that's what it's called). I bet that'd be a fun class to take AND teach. Love the tank recap.