Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

We all remember that R Kelly song, right? I just thought it would be a humorous title to an otherwise semi-serious post :)

Two of the blogs I read regularly, Erica Unmasked and Oh She Glows both wrote exceptionally inspirational posts featuring "I Believe" statements.

I think it's important to establish your personal set of beliefs and I admire these blogging ladies for sharing theirs. Being the super-opinionator that I am, I've got my own, but I think I'll spare you from most of them today because these ladies take the cake (literally, it's Erica's birthday!).

I will share one thing...

I living each day to the fullest.

I know, it's a little trite, but I try to live this mantra fully everyday. Three weeks ago when I was home visiting SC, I saw this "To-Do" wall decal at Hobby Lobby. It was an "AH-HA!" moment--these are the principles that guide me to "live my fullest life" everyday!

The "To Do List for living the fullest each day:

1. Say something silly (no problem there--I'm a goofy as they come)
2. Laugh til' it hurts (My BF, B-Dub, makes this happen)
3. Tell a secret (of my own usually)
4. Sing out loud (usually in the car for me)
5. Rock the boat
6. Shake things up (I try to do this in my group fit classes every class)
7. Flirt with disaster (I don't like to admit it, but I do!)
8. Buy something frivolous (I heart the 25 cent coin machines at the grocery store!)
9. Color outside of the lines
10. Cause a scene (We all need just a smidgen of drama in our lives--not a lot)
11. Order dessert (I eat dessert everyday as a reward to myself)
12. Get carried away (but not TOO carried away)
13. Have a GREAT day!

As you can see, I stuck it on the wall in my office to remind me everyday (as I blog, among other things) to live fully. I try to keep my frame of mind in the present and not get too consumed by the worries of the past or the future. I say try, because it's not an easy task.

Q o' the Day: What's on your "To Do" list everyday (literally or figuratively)? What "I believe" statements define your life?

In some last minute news, today I had my ULTIMATE summer meal/snack for lunch...

Fresh Tomato and Mozz w/ Basil and a drizzle of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Aaaand, you know how I've been showing some may-juh Gwen Stefani love this week? Well, I thought it was ironic that, yesterday while accompanying my friend to Von Maur (our "nice" department store in town), I saw an entire rack of L.A.M.B. bags (Gwen's clothing line) on SALE!!!!

Swoon--if only I wasn't broke as a joke right now...oh well...

When I got home from shopping (or "pretend shopping" I should say), I saw this sight for sore eyes...

Daisy (a.k.a. Bay Bay) guarding her pile of toys. What a diva!

Well, I'm off to walk the pups and teach Chizel (a weights class) at the gym. Have a fantabulous day!

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  1. OMG - first thank you so much for the props. Being the vein person that I am - you know I love it.

    I love your 'To Do' - how about;
    1. Take Charge in my life
    2. Be a more patient mom
    3. Same for wife and daughter
    4. Run a marathon
    5. Learn to eat better - and make different foods.
    6. Break out of routine ruts - in life and otherwise
    7. Break out of sweats
    8. Get my toe nails done - STAT
    9. Be more present with my daughter and f work - even though I need it.
    10. Make dinner - NOW.