Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Richard Simmons!

The flamboyant granddaddy of group fitness, Richard Simmons, turns 62 today!

Even though he's been "retired" for some time, he still actively promotes fitness for all people, among other causes, and every once in a while pops up on various talk shows, advertisements, and radio appearances.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it, but as a kid, my mom had Sweatin' to the Oldies 2...and I worked out to it! "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful will always remind me of that frizzy fro!

Despite all the parodies and jokes about his shorts, you gotta love someone with that much enthusiasm for helping others. And, I think to be a good group fitness instructor, you have to be a little crazy on the inside and a little flamboyant on the outside :)

You gotta give the man props--he's created an empire from his persona, and he really knows how to sell himself. So cheers to you, Mr. Simmons, and your trademarked 'do, candy-striped shorts and bedazzled tank tops. You are truly a cultural icon!

Birthday wishes aside, here's Part 1 of my Nebraska tanking adventure (more pics to come tomorrow!):

This is downtown Ewing, NE. Population about 400 give or take a few. There's 2 bars, 1 restaurant, 1 grocery store, a post office, a town "park"/garden, and a lot of friendly people!

Pam's two cats, Tinley (white one) and Sigmund (black and white one). They're BFFs.

There does happen to be a golf course in town, so everyone golfs. I mean EVERYONE. Even though I'm from the land of the Augusta Master's tournament and year-round golfing weather, I've never in my life been golfing (does putt putt count?), so Pam was giving me some pointers.

Look at that Tiger Woods SCHWING!!!

This is where you keep your tee :)

We worked up an appetite golfing, so we headed over to the only restaurant in town. Unfortunately, we didn't eat so healthily, but the fried cauliflower and cheese pizza I tasted were scumptious! Look how intensely Bubby is studying the menu! Fried food is serious biz-nas, ya'll!

This is the bar game they play: Indoor Shuffleboard. I've never heard of such! But then again, I had never heard of tanking either. I love it--you can be trashed and still excel at this game!

Pam's "S" glasses. Totally love them! I need some with an intricate "B" on them!

My friend Pam is also an incredible hostess and cook, so we got spoiled every morning with treats like these homemade cinnamon rolls!

I had SO MANY pictures, so stay tuned for tomorrow's pics of the actual "tanking" part of the trip!

Q o' The Day: Do you have a memory of Richard Simmons? Leave a birthday wish for him in the comments! :)


  1. Oh honey - first those rolls look g-double o-d - good:) and second - look at your arms - they are so muscular. You go girl. I luv me some Richie - and his booty shorts:) happy birthday dude - sweat to your oldies today.

  2. I do remember him on tv. Funny story, a good friend met him on her first alone flight. He sat with her b/c she was so scared. Sometimes towns that small can be sort of fun (when you're a visitor).

  3. Aw, Erica, you crack me up! Booty shorts.... Also, thanks for the arms compliment! Many, many, tireless push-ups later, I'm starting to get a little muscle in my usually meaty arms :)

    Heather, no way--that is freaking awesome! I'd probably be spazzing if I got to sit next to Richard Simmons. I hope she got a picture and autograph, too!