Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B Reviews: Bolthouse and Blue Bunny

So. Tired. Must. Have Coffee. Nowwwwwww.

I rose early this morning at 4:30am to go teach Step n' Sculpt at 5:30am. For this week, I came up with a new bootcamp/interval routine to kick the ol' metabolisms up a notch. My legs are jelly right now. We went through 8 sets, doing each "set" 2-3x! Here's my instructor notes:

Yeah, pretty illegible :)

I'm ALL ABOUT trying new things (workouts, routines, experiences, etc.). In fact, I'll try anything twice--once to see what it's all about, and then again to make sure I was right the first time.

So as I perusing Walmart, a.k.a Hellmart (it's a hellish nightmare of people), I saw the Bolthouse beverages on sale in the dairy section. I thought, "why not!?!?"

Here's my review:

Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino Protein Smoothie

Taste: B+
Smooth, creamy, chocolate-ty, with a subtle hint of mocha. It reminds me of Starbucks coffee drinks, but it's a little thicker and not as syrupy sweet. I couldn't give it a full A because there's an after-taste (possibly from the protein?) that's hard to get by.

Healthy Factor: A-
With 10 grams of protein, and no added sugars, this drink is not all bad. Plus, I drank it right before my workout today, and I got a little unexpected caffeine, too!

Price: C
These were on sale for $3.28, but I can't imagine paying $4 for 4 servings of a smoothie-like drink I could make myself.

Bottom Line: B+
It was okay. Try it once, then make your own smoothies. Pimp My Protein Shake has some DELISH recipes!

Look, we already established that I have a lion of a sweet tooth (it can't be TAMED!). I eat dessert EVERY single DAY. That's just how I roll. I don't eat meat, I can give up the booze with dinner, and I can eat salad until my veins turn green--but I need a little somethin' somethin' sweet to end my day. Total sugar whore I tell ya.

Most summer days, ice cream is my drug of choice. I've been eye-balling these "healthy" Blue Bunny bars for some time now, so I thought I'd give them a try. My initial impression was intrigue, but the combo didn't appeal to me at first....

Granola and CHOCOLATE? Um...okay... So I tried it:

Blue Bunny Double Chocolate Sedona Frozen Yogurt Granola Sandwiches

Taste: A
Despite the strange, initially unappealing combo, this one was actually pretty yum. It tasted genuinely sweet--like real sugar and not artificial sweetener or substitute. The yogurt was packing the chocolate, too. Cookie part was akin to a thin, soft and chewy oatmeal cookie (I think it was supposed to be like a chewy granola bar). Overall, the taste was decadent.

Healthy Factor: B+
To be quite frank, this ice cream is like an overly sexy girlfriend with nothing to say--you get all jacked up on it and are left feeling hallow and empty. In other words, hot sauce on the outside but weak sauce on the inside. It's packed with all kinds of preservatives and corn syrups.

At 190 calories per bar, however, it's not the worst of the worst. There's 16 grams of sugar, 4 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber--not too shabby.

Price: C
I perpetually complain about the cost of everything (I'm so geriatric), but really--this box of 4 bars was almost $5 ($4.88)! Let's be real--if I wanted my ice cream and to eat it too, $4.88 would buy me a GALLON of regular ice cream.

Bottom Line: B+
Slightly better in taste than Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, but slightly higher in price too. If you're broke like me, spring for the regular ice cream and devour in moderation :)

I just realized that I subconsciously picked two "B" name products this week. Maybe I AM a little obsessed with the letter B. JENKIES!

Off to walk the pups and apply for J-O-Bs. Have a great day, lovelies!

Ah, the glorious post-class "glow" today!

Q o' the Day: Leave your response in the comments--Have you tried these products before? What did you think? What other food product(s) are you digging right now?


  1. I used to drink the Bolthouse farms mocha stuff nearly every day. It's great if you don't really like to eat early in the morning, but need something - or if you need to eat, but don't have time for food. It IS expensive though...Costco sells it in a double pack for quite a bit less.

    I switched to silk chocolate soymilk in the juiceboxes. They don't have to be refrigerated, they dont go bad forever, and they are way cheaper.

  2. True that, chica. I was at Sam's Club the other day and saw the double-pack. Have you tried the other flavors? Gotta love chocolate milk in juiceboxes! :)

  3. Hey girl - thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to checking yours out now! I love Quorn products.