Monday, July 5, 2010

B is for Baking; I is for Inspiration

Did you have a great 4th? Hopefully, you have today off to nurse the hangover from your poison of choice ;) Me, I was sipping homemade sweet tea n' raspberry vodkas and watching "Pyromania 2010" at the city park close to my house. Of course, I took advantage of the "fireworks" setting on my camera and took a annoying number abstract artsy fartsy shots:

I also did some baking. I don't know why, but the holidays always inspire me to bake obscene amounts of sweets--perhaps there's a piece of my psyche that's attached to the traditions and memories of baked goods in the holidays my childhood--who knows. All I know is I have a MAY-JUH sweet tooth, so immediately after baking these items, they got given away--they had to go.

My inner fat kid screams: "OMG CUPCAKES!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!"

Nothing says "Independence Day" like Caramel Apple Crumble Pie.

So bad, but so good...look there's oats--that counts, right? :)

This past holiday weekend I also got to thinking about my fitness goals (eating locally, cutting back on junk), as well as my job goals. I feel like this summer has been so lazy for me. Since graduating with a Master's in May, I've been job hunting hardcore.

I'm still teaching group fitness, but it's more of my hobby and passion, than something I do for a living (though, I'm also applying for fitness coordinator jobs as well, and considering getting a personal training cert. just in case!). My job application count is up to about 50. I've gotten 5 rejection letters, but no nibbles. Ugh, I seriously have never been without a job (or three). While envisioning what my dream job would be (teaching of some kind I think!), I recalled an episode of Oprah I caught a few years ago.

In this episode, Oprah talked about having a vision board. As you may have guessed, the whole episode was about The Secret (of which Oprah is a big follower and promoter). While I don't necessarily buy the whole concept of The Secret, some of the sub-concepts are incredibly motivational. If you want something bad enough, by means of self-fulfilling prophecy, you will consciously or unconsciously work hard to achieve it. Also, if we act positively we will attract positivity (That's The Secret's Law of Attraction).

Here's Oprah on Larry King discussing the "POWER" of The Secret. Buy it?

However, thinking that the universe is somehow just going to hand you whatever it is that you want simply because you asked for it, surrounded yourself in positivity and believed in your heart of hearts that you were going to get it---is dangerously delusional. Call me a skeptic if you will.

Here, Larry King interviews some of The Secret's "teachers" who discuss a major part of The Secret--the vision board.

I do like the idea of a vision board, or as I call it, an "inspiration wall." Kind of like the law of attraction, the purpose of my "inspiration wall," or vision board, is not to "wish" for things, but rather, to surround myself with images that will move and motivate me to go after my dreams.

Here's a funny video of Ellen poking fun at The Secret's notion of vision boards :)

My "inspiration wall" is just a collective of photos and images that I rotate every so often. I've had an "inspiration wall" for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it's used to stimulate my creativity, sometimes it's a symbol of what I want to work toward--both fitness goals and personal goals. I try to concentrate on things that have or had made me happy, rather than focusing on what will (e.g. a job, money, car, etc.).

My "inspiration wall"

On the wall or board, I like to put positive things such as:

-Pictures of times I was happy
-Beautiful imagery
-People I admire and loved ones
-Postcards of places I visited or want to visit
-quotes and sayings
-paper "found objects"
-fortune cookie fortunes

There have been times that I wanted something REALLY badly and when I got it, I couldn't believe it. For example, about three years ago, I was sitting on a dock at sunrise in Beaufort, SC and for whatever reason (moved by the scenery?), I said out loud, "I'm going to have a cute dog named Beaufort someday." Something in my intuition told me it was going to happen.

Beaufort, SC

One year later, I decided to get a puppy (after years of waiting and wanting). I drove two hours to get a shelter pup from a litter that had been found by the tracks. We agreed to get the fattest puppy there (just a preference). There in the corner was my Beaufort! I couldn't believe it--it was the dog I was meant to have! I knew that there was no other name for this cute little boy and took him home. Now, he is my big Boofy!

Beaufort as a pup.

My BIG Boof now! He turned tan!

I think that rare serendipitous events can occur and things can happen because we want them badly enough. But, unlike the notion of The Secret's Law of Attraction, we really have to take action and embrace personal accountability in order to get there. Wanting is just half the battle. If I hadn't driven that far, or even looked for a dog in the first place, I wouldn't have Boof today.

The same thing applies to fitness goals. You can want the perfect body, or the fastest marathon time, or even to lose the most weight, but unless you take the first and subsequent necessary steps toward change, nothing will happen, no matter how much you want it or how earnestly you "ask the universe" for it.

That's just my 2 cents.

Q o' The Day: Do you keep an "inspiration" wall or "vision" board? What do you put on it? Have you read "The Secret?" Do you believe in it?

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  1. Hi there! I have a board - but it needs reinvention. I do believe in them - I really do. I think the more we can 'think' things - the more they become reality - and metaphysics is a powerful thing. Thanks for the post:) xoxo