Friday, June 18, 2010

TurboFire: I got a fever...and the only cure is more TURBO!!!

Let the confetti rain down--TODAY is the launch of TURBO FIRE!!! Haven't heard of it yet--you should! So check this out:

Like it's predecessors, TurboJam and TurboKick, TurboFire is slated to be a hit. For you fans of TurboKick, check out this video where Chalene explains the difference between the three:

I'm a TurboKick certified instructor, so I CAN'T WAIT to rock the TurboFIRE DVD series! Here's 5 reasons why you should too!

1. Chalene Johnson is a Fitness Goddess.
This lady has style, spunk, energy and enthusiasm. Not to mention she gives good camera. I own the TurboJam series and you really feel like you are in her class, right in the front row! She is definitely my fitness role model and inspiration :)

2. It's like a PAR-TAY in your living room!
Anything with the Turbo stamp on it is like an at-home dance party. With all of the TurboJam DVDs, I sometimes FORGOT that I was working out. Does that sound unbelieveable, probably. But it's 100% true! Expect lots of rump-shakin' and partyin' like a turbo star!

3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
Do you like P90x? Turbo Fire incorporates the same fitness principles--Short bursts (workouts last only 9-20 minutes), 2:1 workload (2 minutes work: 1 minute recovery), change it up everyday, rev the metabolism.

This form of interval training, called Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is in the spotlight right now because of the sculpting and weight-loss success people have had training with P90x and Bootcamp interval formats. Plus, it's not time-consuming. We all have 20 minutes throughout the day to spare for a bada** workout.

The idea is that, with traditional cardio, you burn up muscle with the fat. With HIIT you end up hitting that 20-minute fat burn mark, without sacrificing muscle energy. Think about what an Olympic sprinter looks like--lean and muscular. That's the goal with HIIT. You sort of "trick" your metabolism into burning more calories long after your workout. Here's the Turbo Fire intensity chart to give you an idea of what I mean:

HIIT is probably not going anywhere either. I'm sure we'll see lots of interval training DVDs popping up soon. Thanks, Tony Horton (you bohunk you!).

Speaking of men in fitness, whatever happened to John Basedow, creator of Fitness Made Simple? It's FUN FRIDAY, so check out this hilarious parody of John Basedow and that ridiculous infomercial. It's LOL-idocious.

4. You will probably lose weight.
If weight loss is on your to-do list, I highly recommend any type of interval training. I CAN'T say for certain that you will absolutely drop 108 pounds like the infomercial promises, but I CAN say that in my six years of teaching group fitness, interval training seems to be the most effective means of reving up the metabolism among the greatest number of participants.

For many people, beginners and long-term fitness aficiondaos, HIIT is the way to go for losing weight in a different way than standard cardio. Just don't forget about nutrition, which accounts for MOST weight loss success.

I teach TurboKick and if TurboFire is anything like the "Turbo" part of Turbo Kick, get ready for some beat-driving, house, dance, and pop music. Not that obnoxious stuff that you find in some crappy small-town clubs, but really catchy, motivating stuff.

Whoever produces Chalene's music deserves a medal. TurboJam had a good mix and I've always loved TurboKick's music, so I'm sure that TurboFire will also deliver the goods.

(Can I have a pair of Swarovski-studded DJ headphones? They're only $2400! lol--in my dreams!!!)

Speaking of music, I'll leave you with these songs to get your Fun Friday and weekend workouts started riiiiiight...

1. Love Like Woe by The Ready Set (move over Justin Beiber--this kid is CUTE!)

2. Rules Don't Stop Me by We Are Scientists

3. California Gurls by Katy Perry (I can't get this song out of my head--gaaaaahhh!)

4. Hey by 3OH!3 featuring Lil Jon

5. Stay Here Forever by Jewel (awww, a sweet cool-down song!)

Okay, okay, so the downside to all of this fabulousness is that the TurboFire DVDs retail for about $120, which is admittedly a lot of $$$. But if you got the time and the cash, I say GO FOR IT! As Chalene says, "DO MORE!"

Have an awesome weekend! I'm off to visit my parents in the FINE (that's capital sarcasm, right there) state of South Carolina, where I was born and raised. I'm going to try and stay up to date on this blog next week, so keep coming back for more :)

Q o' the Day: Who's your fitness idol? Who do you look up to?

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