Monday, June 7, 2010

Sole Mates: How to choose the right fitness shoes--PART I

I hope ya'll had an awesome weekend--I know I did! On Saturday, we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine at the $1 theater, and it wasn't horrible as I thought it was going to be! I heart John Cusak in Better Off Dead and this movie was very much in the same vein of silly, but off-putting humor. We also went to Grady's, which is this cheesetastic fun park in town. It's such a rip off ($5.00 for one go-kart ride!?!? WTF?!?!), but the creepy plastic figures make it so worth it :)

creepy, huh?

Weekend aside, for the majority of this week I'm going to be posting about something many girly girls love, but don't put nearly as much thought into as they should--SHOES!

No, I'm not talking about these bada** $290 L.A.M.B rhinestone-encrusted "Dale" platforms (even though Gwen Stefani is a goddess and these are fabulous!). I'm talking SNEAKERS!

Whether you are a front-row-fitness-class DIVA, a general gym GODDESS or just an eager at-home POWER GIRL, the right sneaker can make all the difference in your performance and fitness results. I didn't learn this lesson until I got to college and was schooled by my Step Aerobics 101 Class instructor (Heck yeah, I got college credit for taking a step class!). I was SHOCKED at how much of a difference shoes can impact your calorie burn, confidence, agility, ability, fatigue, joints and foot structure.

So I'm going to break it down into several different factors. First things first, when buying a fitness shoe one thing to consider is...

First, do you like how they look? You know within seconds if you like that style or not. The more you like wearing those sneakers, the better you will feel putting them on, strutting your stuff, and working out in them. You want shoes that will put some attitude in your step and make you feel like you can conquer whatever fitness obstacles come into your workout warpath! Let your shoes express your style and carry that positive style and attitude into your workout.

I can never get enough pink in my workout wardrobe....Like these:

I personally love the customization options on NikeID. It's Nike's online design studio where you can pick everything from the type of shoe to the color of the laces and even down to the words on the sides of the shoe. From the time of ordering it typically takes 3-4 weeks to get your custom kicks in the mail. Mine are getting a little worn but I still love them so much I can't bring myself to part with them:

My dog, Boof is forever a photo-ninja.

Some more pimpin' inspiration:

A slice of lime with these Nikes:

Weird colors, but I like the uniqueness of these brown Adidas:

Ryka makes some sturdy and stylin' studio/dance/Zumba shoes:

Lot's of cushioning and pizazz with this newer brand of shoe:

These shimmery red Sauconys are hot off the press:

No matter who you are or how you work out, stay true to yourself and your style and stay tuned for part II tomorrow....

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