Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places

That's the motto of South Carolina: "Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places." My trip to SC is almost over, but coming home has been such a blast--you get to feel and act like a kid again without all the strict regulations. My little pups are exhausted, too! They are getting to run, play with lots of other dogs and swim ("What, no leash?!?!" they think).

My two little hooligans.

My trip home has given me a renewed sense of the southern hospitality that I try to incorporate in all of my teaching (both academic and group fitness) and has reminded me of the obstacles I've overcome to get to the healthy point I'm at now.

I can't wait to write out my fitness story and philosophy when I get back (and possibly share some embarrassing pics of myself as a little B). Until then, here's some more highlights of my trip:

Here's that fresh blueberry buckle I was telling ya'll about. See the recipe below (WARNING: it is NOT low fat, but is a very indulgent breakfast treat for company!)

My BF's dad bought a JUMP CASTLE for his granddaughter! He gave us a sneak preview one night and inflated it inside the air-conditioned barn (which is smart because it's 90 degrees at night and 100 during the day). I'm jealous--I never had an indoor jump castle! I got hurt the old-fashioned way--by hitting my head, falling off, and getting pushed off a trampoline!

As a regular reader of my blog, my Mam decided that she needed to get the EasyTone shoes I mentioned in this post. She liked them so much she wore them out of the store! I snapped this pic in the parking lot. Pretty snazzy--just a strip of glitter on the sides.

I grabbed a free issue of my favorite (always free) mag, Skirt! It's full of short stories, poems, quotes, feminsisting and other inspirational and women-oriented content. LOVE IT! It can now be found throughout the country in various cities, but it originated in Charleston, SC.

During college I had the opportunity to meet both the editors (who are definitely inspirational role models) and even got an invitation to interview for an internship (which I declined because I decided to intern at The Post and Courier, a newspaper, instead).

I also read this Carrot n' Cake article about spending and scrimping on certain health products and it got me thinking. Personally, I tend to invest a lot in sneakers because between teaching group fitness and walking my pups daily, I need them to be durable and lasting. However, I scrimp on fitness clothing because it gets sweaty and washed repeatedly (to the point of destruction).

That being said, I picked up some new (CHEAP) group fitness duds at Wal-mart. YES, WAL-MART. Total cost: $45 for a pair of pants, a sweet Alice in Wonderland shirt, two fitness tanks, and a sports bra.

Growing up, I was a total Barbie girl! I even had a "Barbie World"--which was a loft in my father's shop that was set up like a town, complete with a cardboard box "school," grocery store, two "community living" mansions and AstroTurf grass under everything!

Adding to to my tendency to cling on to childhood memories, I LURRRRVVVVVVE Pixar. In grad school, I wrote A LOT about Pixar movies (yes, academic Communication papers about "children's movies.") I'm still such a kid! I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, but of course the Barbie and Ken characters in the new movie blow my mind! Barbie + Pixar = OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I saw this Barbie/Ken set in Target yesterday. Barbie is dressed as an aerobics instructor! AWESOME!

Well, my fit n' foxy friends, I'm off to the pool for a swim :) I hope you're enjoying your first week of summer!

Q o' the Day: I know it's not necessarily a fitness-related question, but I gotta know--have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? What do you think? Worth it?

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