Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moving Right Along: Staying Fit On the Road

Welp, my trip home to SC is over and I'll be heading back to good ol' Illinois today :( Seven days just flew by! I guess when you're "home" time seems to stand still but it still surges forward, though you don't realize it. *SIGH*

I'm really NOT excited to spend the next 13 hours on the road, but thankfully, years of cross-country driving and "family road trips" have prepared me. Today, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned about staying fit while on long road trips:

  • Travel in your sneakers. That way, during pit stops and breaks you can walk, jog in place or do jumping jacks when the mood strikes. You may look silly doing jumping jacks at a gas station, but it breaks up a long boring drive :)

  • Try to stop at state rest areas for bathroom breaks. These are usually spacious, well lit and well-landscaped. Take a quick jog or brisk walk around the facility (but watch out for cars!).

  • Pack "healthy" snacks like nuts, jerky (for the meat eaters) or granola bars to prevent being hangry.

  • Try to eat during normal meal times. This provides a sense of continuity in your routine and keeps you from breaking for junk.

  • If fast food isn't your thing, pack a picnic lunch.

  • If fast food IS your thang, or is your only option, check out this guide to healthy fast food choices. And for the love of all things fit n' holy, do NOT spring for the latest Monster Nasty [insert item meat here].
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the BK Steakhouse XT...

          --Wendy's Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potato w/ a 99 cent small side salad

          --Subway Veggie Delite w/ baked chips

          --Burger King BK Veggie (No mayo, add ketchup and mustard)

          • Plan ahead and schedule lots of "interest" stops--a hiking trail in the mountains, a kitschy roadside attraction or wonder--anything that will get you out and moving.

          • Don't forget to drink water! As tempting as the gas station sodas are, you get just as dehydrated riding in the car as you would walking to your destination, so down that H2O! Drinking more water will also give you a reason to take more rest area "fit" breaks :)

          Off I go! This will be Bubby and I for the rest of the day :)

          Q o' the Day: What do you do to stay fit (and preserve your sanity) on long car trips? What is your favorite "healthy" fast food meal?

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