Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Healthy Blog Stalking: Blog Posts of Note

I admit it, I'm a blogstalker.

Like a Facebook stalker, I lurk in cyberspace, creepin' on unsuspecting bloggers I admire, to secretly gather interesting and useful information from their posts for my own knowledge.

Marky Mark played Reese Witherspoon's stalker in Fear. Creepy, but pretty smmmexy in his day, no?

In the field of communication, there is a theory called Speech Code Theory, which conjectures that within any given group, culture, or community, there are certain rules, codes, and norms for communicating in that group. These norms are usually unspoken or implied. The blogsphere definitely has a speech code. Being new to this culture, I'm still getting used to the etiquette and rules, so forgive me if this post breaks those.

The "bible" of Communication theory--Katherine Miller's book

I know my blog is just one dumbbell in a mega-gym of health blogs, but I'm learning. During my most recent blogstalking (I mean that in the NON-CREEPY, admiration kind of way), I've come across some fantastic articles lately, so today I thought I'd share some of them with ya'll.

  • The Fitnessista has a great post about "booty sculpting." I have a serious badonkadonk, so glute and hamstring exercises are a must for taming the buns My favorite move to work those muscle groups (besides walking on an inclined treadmill) is the “Mermaid.” Lying prone on a stability ball with hip bones right on top of the ball and hands on the floor under the shoulders, bring the heels together and let the knees fall outward (like frog legs). Keeping heels together and abs drawn in, you push feet upward like a mermaid kicking out of the water.

  • Even though the writer of The Great Fitness Experiment has decided to call it quits on blogging, one of her last articles was awesome. It's about "tough love" coaching. Right now, thanks to The Biggest Loser and Bridal Bootcamp (on VH1), boot camp-style classes on on the upswing in popularity. So do tough love instructors motivate you? This article is worth a read, if only for this hilarious comment:
    "But everyone is not me. And that's ok! I call it the Jillian Michaels conundrum. Heck, she's made a very lucrative career out of screaming in people's faces until they cry and then sitting on them. Some people really seem to thrive with someone nailing their butt to the wall. They feel patronized by platitudes like "You can do it! You're strong and beautiful and awesome!! Yeah!!!" Others like me eat that stuff up like it's unicorn meat in sparkle gravy with a side of kittens and rainbows."

  • The Healthy Apron has a great post on "Intuitive Eating." I love this concept because it illustrates my fitness philosophy--eat what you want, in moderation, stop when you're full or satisfied. It's all about tuning in to your body.

Enjoy these tidbits of knowledge! I'm off to try my hand at making these whole-wheat blueberry muffins that Eat Me Delicious posted about (a vegetarian food blog with SWEET recipes!).

Before I go, a GINORMOUS shout out to my BFF, Kristie, who sent me a handwritten letter and an "I'm so glam, I sweat glitter" notepad (my personal slogan and t-shirt design!). I don't know where she found it, but I love it!

Q o' The Day: Are you a habitual "blogstaker" like moi? If you have a blog and read this one, come out of the shadows and leave a comment with your blog or website address, so I can come and "blogstalk" you! :)


  1. B, you are AWESOME!! If you want anymore of those notepads, I found that one at one of your favorite stores...TJ MAXX!!!! [If you can't find any up there, I'll get you some more from here!!]