Friday, June 4, 2010

Group fitness IS silly sometimes

Today has already started off on the right foot. I got up at the crack of dawn to teach Step N' Sculpt at 5:30am. In case you're wondering, YES, that IS too early. But I love love love group fitness and my participants so it doesn't bother me to teach and workout that early. Friday workouts always set the weekend off on a good note. I came home to a big bowl of fresh raspberries for breakfast (nothing says "helloooo summer" like raspberries), and two hungry little fraggles who like to eat berries :)

Also, I'm starting to get used to this whole blogging thing. I'm still new, so if you're a veteran of the blogging scene, let me know what ya think. Also, to any readers out there, let me know what you'd like to see on this blog. I take requests!

You'll hear fitness professionals use "group fitness" instead of aerobics. There's a reason they don't refer to it as "aerobics" anymore. Aerobics has been known to be ridiculous at times. Names and trends change with the times, and so too do the leg warmers, moves, and contraptions that we learn never worked in the first place (physically or fashionably). You gotta laugh at the numerous parodies of fitness some of the most outlandish failed trends. My post today contains some of my favorite GEMS (as I like to call funny and/or fail train clips and videos).

First is Saturday Night Live's digital short "Body Fuzion." Staring Drew Barrymore, this gem parodies the aerobics culture and workout tapes of the 80's. I admit with great shame, that I did own a few 80s aerobics tapes (Jane Fonda is my homegirl). And yes, they were that strange and pathetic compared to today's fitness dvds. Chuckle at the big hair, neon make-up, cut-away shots, and weakling moves captured in this brillz parody:

While we are in the 80's, I present to you the 1986 slasher film, Aerobicide! Never heard of it? Shame on you--it's only like totally the most bitchin' slasher flick of all time! By "totally bitchin" I mean "bad and ludicrous." By "all time," I mean never. The title I guess is supposed to imply "homicide," but makes me conjure images of pesticides. I doubt this movie ever made it to a single theater.

This short clip illustrates the plot in three minutes, but it only take 30 seconds to figure out how AWFUL this movie actually is. Check out the LAME murder weapon! If you're interested, you can see extended aerobics dance scene here. Expect lots of leotards, thongs and about 60 people choreographed perfectly to Donna De Lory's 80's never-hit-wonder, "Only You." Hey baby, you sure look sexxyyyyy....

"Fitness for Indie Rockers"---REALLY?!?!? As soon as this DVD hit production, it probably became "too mainstream" for the hipsters/indie rockers/poserholes. When I first saw this, I thought it was a parody, but this is for SERIAL!!! They even came out with "Yoga for Indie Rockers" and "Pilates for Indie Rockers!"

I think this video makes fun of itself (including the fact that they aren't even really doing any kind of intense cardio, they dress like they are heroin addicts, and they probably spent more time putting together their outfits than actually working out), but also be sure to check out this hilarious article. Enjoy:

You gotta love Jim Carrey. As annoying as his characters can be, his prime was arguably his stint on the 90's show In Living Color. This is his character, the workout babe, Vera DeMilo:

It's okay to laugh at the silliness of a culture, even if it's our own. I wonder what fitness trends they'll be parodying 10 or 20 years from now? P90x? Body Gospel? Of course, there's always the late-night TV informercial darling, "The Shake Weight," which set itself up for parody and ridicule from the get go.

Got anymore funny videos? Post them in the comments! Have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. There are some rediculous work outs and gimmics out there - but I suppose if your up and moving thats what counts...have you seen Envy Girls? (courtesy of Carmen Electras Strip Tease)

  2. Good point! It's better to hop around than do nothing at all. It's a first step in the right direction :) I've never heard of envy girls! Interesting moves, but I'm not sure about the male voice-over--what up with that? lol. A lot of effective core and leg moves going on, but I can tell some of these girls have never taught group fitness...or developed a personality. I kid, I kid! Thanks for the rec!