Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chizel Workout #1: The Magic 12

Some instructors are super-secretive with their choreography, routines and formats. I understand why--It's time-consuming to come up with fresh stuff! It takes work!

I am absolutely NOT secretive. I feel that, in this internet age, there is no such thing as "yours." If you want to claim it, you better copyright that sh*t or it will end up circulating somewhere. In fact, if you want to use anything I post on here--articles, routines, or otherwise, please feel free to do so with proper credit (I copyrighted B Foxy Fitness--see below).

Sometimes sharing is a wonderful thing! I find lots of ideas and moves for free on YouTube and other websites and adapt them to my style and class. It's the marketplace of free ideas out there and I'm all for it. I'm even thinking of starting my own YouTube channel so I can share some videos and workouts I've created with you guys :)

That being said, I teach a Chizel class at the YWCA, which is a weights/strengthening class. I change up the class routines every 2-3 weeks, so I constantly need new moves. Today, I thought I'd share with you a workout routine I'm using for Chizel this week. If you have hand weights at home you can use those, otherwise, you could do this one at the gym.

12 is the magic number for this workout! I adapted it from this "Summer Sculpt" workout.

B's Chizel Routine #1: "Magic 12"

Set 1: Lunges Across the Room for Warm-up
  • Regular Walking Lunges across and back
  • Shuffle across and back
  • Lunges with Knee across and back
  • Zorro Lunges across and back - Step out to a diagonal in an lunge and drag the opp. foot up to meet the lead foot.
  • Lunges with 3 pulses, step forward to the other leg
  • Skip with HIGH KNEES across and back
  • Stretch legs

(Skip to my lou...)

Set 2: Plyo Strength
  • Jumps off Bench 8x - On a step 2-3 risers high (6-10 inches), step off the step. When you hit the group, jump up vertically as high as you can. Step back on the step and repeat.
  • Lumberjacks (Burpees) 8x
  • Power Jacks 8x

Set 3: Light Dumbells - Upper Body
  • Lateral lifts - 12x ending with palms facing out, arms extended from shoulders.
  • Dumbell Rotational Press - 12x, bring the elbows in to the ribcage, then extend keeping the palms each other. end with arms extended, torso rotated to one side
  • Lateral lifts - 12x, palms facing down. resist going down, resist coming up.
  • Chicken Wings-12x, elbows bent 90 degrees, pressed into sides, open and close the arms
  • Lateral raises-12x elbows bent 90 degrees, lift elbows straight up and down

Set 4: Light Dumbells - Lower Body
  • Squats with arms crossed at chest - 12x
  • Squats with weights above head - 12x
  • Single leg squat - right leg - 12x, left leg is used for balance only. Repeat on left leg, with right leg for balance.
  • Plie' squat - turn knees and toes out, weights extend to center of body or resting on top of thighs. 12x
  • March out 16 counts, repeat
  • stretch with quad stretch!

Set 5: Body bar or weight Bar - Strength
  • Bicep curls with bar - elbows stay tucked into body. 12 full range, 4 half way up, 4 from half-way to top, 8 2-count to finish.
  • Reverse rows - same weight, hinge forward from hips, flexed knees. Weight starts at top of the knee, draw in toward belly and lower back down. Elbows drive back. 12 full range.
  • Add dead lift, 12x
  • Behind the back wrist curls, 12x, holding the bar behind the back, curl up the wrists as if you are scooping ice cream behind your back :)

Set 6: Weighted Bar strength (if time)
  • Overhead press for 12x, then alternate arms.
  • Upright row for 12x, then single arm rows.
  • Reverse Lunges - stepping right leg back 12x, pause and pulse for 8 count, repeat on left leg.

Set 7: Bar, and Inclined Bench

Set 8: On mat or towel - ABS
  • 12 - two-count crunches to warm up abs, end in seated upright position.
  • Start in seated position, using abs, roll back half-way, come back to top punch two times to the left, two times to the right, roll back. Repeat for 2 minutes. Roll back to mat to end.
  • Extend hands at sides, bring knees to 90. Lift tailbone off mat for a reverse lift. Repeat for 2 minutes.
  • Combine moves. Hands behind head, elbows stay wide. Bring knees and elbows together.
  • Encourage proper breathing. Do not hold breath. Repeat for 2 minutes.
  • Finish with 15 - two-count crunches.
  • Extend arms and legs to stretch abs. Roll over to tummy -- prepare for push-ups.
  • Two sets of 12 pushups.


(Don't forget to drink plenty of water!!!)

Q o' the Day: Where do you get your workout routines? What's your favorite sculpting move?

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