Monday, May 31, 2010

Body Gospel: The Answer to Your Weight Loss Prayers?

An instructor that owns too many fitness DVDs!?!?! Guilty as charged. I get a lot of good class ideas from them. Plus, it's nice to take someone ELSE'S class for once!

So, I've always got my eye out for the latest fitness DVD craze or NBT (Next Big Thing), so when I saw this GEM of an infomercial recently, I HAD to share:

Body Gospel is a recent DVD release featuring Donna Richardson Joyner, an inspirational, who, according to Wikipedia is not a minister, but she DID appear in Platinum Series: Buns of Steel and holds a place in the World Book of Records for leading the world's largest line dance!

Now, I'm all about trying something new, and it makes sense to combine the inspiration of faith with fitness (Hailing from the south, I've been to some intense church services where afterwards I felt like I needed to shower!). However, what bugs me is not the concept, but the execution. Are participants praying to lose weight or in the process of praying getting a workout or both? And if this is the inspirational transformation system that it claims to be, where do the profits from the DVD sales go? To missionary work? To the end homelessness? To feed starving children? To help stop the oil spill? Or just to Mrs. Joyner's and BeachBody's deep, religious pockets :)

I have to admit, the concept is intriguing, but will it be as successful at its sister BeachBody DVD series P90X? (another workout sensation that deserves it's own post ). The tagline for Body Gospel is "If you believe, You will succeed." Religion aside, I like that saying. NBT or fad--what do you think?

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